Random life rant of mine


Right now my health is the issues for the day and it seem like no one cares so I say quit and don’t say anything. And on top of that my depression has been messing with me alot. I’ve found myself not sleeping well. And it feel naver going to end. So i have deal with it everyday. Without help

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Hey you’re never alone Hilary :confused: you’re always here motivating everyone else and everyone is here the same way for you, you shouldn’t feel alone :slight_smile: everyone’s here for one another :slight_smile: Look above your message, it’s towards everybody, maybe I’m just being a dork but it’s my form of encouragement letting arya you and though I didn’t tag her to not make her mad or upset at me still nudging her to talk, @rorybourdon (yes I was thinking of you as well because though I did agree that peopple can say they’re there for you then walk away, there are people who may have to walk away but don’t forget about you and you’re in their thoughts :unamused: :slightly_smiling_face: )
Get back up no matter how many times you fall down because no matter what knocked you down they aren’t stronger than you and they shouldn’t be stronger than your own belief in yourself
I’ve said before, reach out and talk :slight_smile: I’m here to listen the first chance I get


Actually Riser by Dierks Bentley helped me with my depression some time ago. I was lucky enough to tell Dierks that and gave him a hug for these words.
To be honest I see a lot of people trying to keep me alive. Today one person gave me ukulele to actually learn to play so I am busy and I will not think about how sad I am or I want to die as I will be busy. And she was right. I was so excited when I managed to play the first chord. Nothing special, but super nice for me.

@hilaryfol we are here for each other. Maybe sometimes we’ll miss the message, but we care.
If someone falls you pick them up. We’re a family


:grinning: :sweat_smile: well bless those who’ve extended a hand out to you, it was eh difficult to know you were that upset
I know it’s not like those feeling will be gone from night to morning but any progress and any reason you find to get back up is great
So I never would have expected you to like Dierks :slight_smile: I find either there’s hardly any younger people who like any form of country or if they are then they can sometimes be…politically charged at the moment lol I’m a muggle in Voldemort’ area lol

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Thanks for your kind words. It do get harder to go though a day i know that you guys care and I’m so happy that u guy’s do. Thanks so much i know if i feel down I can talk to my family here.


As Chazzy said once "We’re all family here in Linkin Park"
It may not seem like it, but the pain will get better with time. Just know that we’ll here for you, and it’s gonna be okay eventually :revolving_hearts:


Thanks for all your uplifting words❤


I just tried to catch up with the forums, what isn’t easy atm because my life is crazy atm, and there are hours I feel exactly like you @rorybourdon and you @hilaryfol

I made the experience that it can pass- this dead inside, step by step…

A lot of help to me are such beautiful caring souls like @framos1792 :sunny:️is inhere our lil sunshine lovely​:heart:️ family, the lpu. People like you are making the world a better place. Mike too, btw- thank you sooo much @ironsoldier16 for sharing the info yesterday- best b-day present ever in all that rush… :see_no_evil: I loved it an felt no bad mood or sadness in it- :sunny:️only feels of love! Mike made it somehow

:sunny:️MOVING ON IS THE MOTTO 2018​:sunny:️

  • for all of us, one step at a time, cause we care if one more light goes out!

:sunny:️Make Chester proud :sunny:

:sunny:️Have good vibes today @everybody :sunny:


You’re welcome, you deserved it!


You’re very sweet :relaxed: with you being the biggest :sunny: of us all it’s difficult to recognize you have stuff going on too :confused: I was telling @ironsoldier16 I need to try and join WhatsApp to get to talk to you more too :slight_smile:

Moving on sounds wonderful, though never move on from those we lost, just from the bad mojo holding us back
2018 feels like it’s coming in differently already…

Have to wake up in a couple hours so shutting down for the night, happy and calm days @theearlywalker @ironsoldier16, stay strong and be healthy @hilaryfol and @rorybourdon, and peace of mind and heart @arya_92 (and cheeseburgers for lunch :wink: lol )


Today take the cake i had a very bad Back spasm and it made me jump so fast that when i yelled out in pain one of co worker just look at me and laugh at me i got so piss off that i couldn’t say nothing . Then on top of that i get home and i had the worst pain in my back I couldn’t take it. I might have ms and it really Scares me i have Scoliosis and i been Noticing some signs of ms. My mom have it and my Doctor told me it very Possible I can have it.


Oh crap, that’s really difficult to hear :confused: are they just now trying to determine if you have it or not? I’m sorry, I’ll be very hopeful that it won’t be and that somehow it’ll taper down, keep your spirits up Hilary!



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Hey @arya_92 :slightly_smiling_face:
Doing any better? =J
Anything special for Christmas? :slightly_smiling_face:


Hii @framos1792 I’m a little better but somehow something seems to always go wrong but I’m hanging in there just keeping busy with work. Nothing planned for Christmas maybe just some Christmas movies and have a relaxing day😊 How are you? Any plans for the holidays?


Ah yeah even the little things can make a day ugly :confused: the more positive your outlook is, the easier things come by :slight_smile:
I remember you saying you worked in an office right?
What’s your favorite Christmas movie? By pure dorkiness mine is elf haha followed by Jack Frost (my lil bro looks like the sandman dude and I’ve got some white hair :stuck_out_tongue: )
I will be heading up to Oregon to an uncle’s house (are you away from fam? :confused: ) to become a living popscicle :hushed: im not used to cold weather haha

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Yeah I work at an office. 9-5 everyday! But hmmm my favorite Christmas movie?! Definitely nightmare before Christmas but there’s so many movies I’ve seen it’s hard to pick just one! And yes I’ll be with fam for Christmas. I’m so used to the cold. Living in Virginia the cold is something to get used too. I actually like it! I like snow☃️

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Did you get use to all the people there? Haha I could never do any people oriented type job :see_no_evil:
And in movies you’re very right haha I was always waiting as a kid for this season to watch any movie specials that would come on tv haha
Do you have a big fam? We’re huge over here but usually there’s always an argument so we’ve stayed apart a lot lol my uncle and my dad are the only ones that really get along well well and our fams have been kinda like mirrors? I remember my parents waiting to tell them my mom was expecting and when they were here my aunt was like I’m expecting! My mom was like whaaa?! They were born a couple weeks apart haha

It must be really pretty over there right? I would really like to go over there, the historic part of east coast kinda is alluring to me haha is that where you’re originally from? You’ve got me there, the snow is awesome haha I’m just a wuss being in central cali all my life :stuck_out_tongue: even working here in the mornings can be sucky since I’m outside :confused:

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Hey guys . I what you all to know that my back it okay for now. But here a new one for you all. I have A so called boyfriend calls me his roommate and he took his friends to get her driver’s license back and told me that he waiting for his car tire to come . But don’t if it text hem the tire are here love . Because his going to let her text me back. With his phone.She thinks I’m his roommate and no one knows that we living together. UGH


Wtf - here, take this :hugs:and hopefully you someday find the strenght to kick him ass :muscle:t2: