Presale for Japan Show ft. One Ok Rock

You’re welcome :wink:
It’s been 4 years since the last time I see them!
So excited :heart_eyes:

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That’s too bad. I’m sorry to hear that :cry:

Hey guys,

We did send the message to all LPU members living in Japan. The information
was also displayed on the LPU blog for all members to see:

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Thank you Lorenzo :kissing_heart:
Big Love From JAPAN :heart::crossed_flags::tokyo_tower:

Is there any chance that One OK Rock takes over as the headliner without Linkin Park? Beyond devastated about Chester and the tour cancellations, but One OK Rock can easily headline. Our entire Japan trip was centered around this concert so it would be a shame to have the concert cancelled.

I am both LP and OOR fans… Chester and Taka can never be on the same stage… :cry:

I also planned to fly to Japan for this show, applied the m&g for LPU… I’m not sure if OOR should take over as headliner, it’s a complicated feeling for me…

Anyway, today the production house in Japan “HIP” official twitter (@hippresents) said that now they are in discussion how to proceed, soon they will have an announcement.


Thank you very much for the update! If it’s taking this long at least there’s a chance that the concert will still go on.

Do you honestly think they’re still going to do that???
I don’t think so bc of what happened. .

I am very confused.
I’m not interested in concerts without Chester.
But I want to meet the members and talk!

I agree too Hiro, I’m confused as well. I wouldn’t think they would still
do the Japan concert etc, but who knows. .
: ) God bless.

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With the announcement taking this long, I’m assuming that One Ok Rock is thinking about taking over as the headlining act.

They drew 110,000 people over two days at one of their previous concerts so they can headline, no problem. I don’t expect any involvement with Linkin Park at all.

Trust me, a part of me wants H.I.P. to just cancel everything in memory of Chester. But I also spent thousands of dollars already in preparation for this concert so I wouldn’t mind being able to attend something in memory of him too.

I understand. Maybe the other band will do something nice for Chester during the concert.

Not trying to make you feel bad by saying this, so please don’t take it that way.
Linkin Park is my only band . The only one I listen to- literally. I’m saddened, and bummed bc I was looking forward to finally being able to see them in Tampa. My only prayers for now, is that they will stay together and have more concerts in the future so I can go see them. (I know it won’t be the same w/ out Chester there, but I don’t want to lose their music forever. I’m happy that you will get to go to see the other band. You should.: ) Go have fun, and keep your chin up. : )


Thanks for the kind words. Actually Linkin Park is my wife’s favorite band and this trip was really for her.
She’s taking it pretty hard. We had the pleasure of watching Linkin Park in Nagoya, Japan exactly 10 years ago and this trip was planned as a sort of concert anniversary if you will.

Stay strong everyone! Don’t keep things bottled up inside and let life overwhelm you. Look to your friends, family, and loved ones for support and we’ll all get thru this together.

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Sorry. .just checked bk in.
Awww. That is truly very sweet. If you were surprising her w/ it, I know she really loved you for that. : ) Women love their other halves/ boyfriends for doing those sort of things. I hope the two of you will still have a good anniversary anyway. Her sadness I understand , I took the news really hard too. My boyfriend has been asking how long his “baby”- me - will grieve. I still get upset a little occasionally but, I pray we all will move past this.
I hope everyone keeps praying for the band members that are left. That they will move past this too, and make music again. - ( If not for us : ( ), for themselves to not give up on their dreams. : )
I do pray* though- that they will stay together & we can see them again down the road in a concert.
God bless your marriage, and the two of you. The two of you have a good night. : )
Wanda L.

Anyway Japanese fans (and people who join japan tour) are waiting “official” announcement.

Still no new announcement from HIP…

Since they are making a memorial show on 27 Oct, it looks like there is still a chance they will continue to do the tour in Japan…? I am not sure… :worried:

Latest update about this concert ; - ; b

Information regarding refunds for tickets

【Customers that have ordered tickets from English ticket sites will be sent an email (to the address registered at the time of purchase) notifying the cancellation of the event and refund procedure. Refunds will be made to the credit card used for your original purchase. Since the time it takes for refunds to be applied to your account can vary by company, we suggest that you check your credit card statement carefully.】

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