Presale for Japan Show ft. One Ok Rock

I love One OK Rock too, kind of a dream concert for me.

Which date is everyone going for? I’ll be trying to attend the Thursday concert. I’m sure all three days will sell out, hopefully the Thursday crowd won’t get to the venue as early as the weekend dates. Fingers crossed, hopefully we can all get tickets!

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I wanna see them play a song together…

There is ticket presale info in LPU Japan website, but how about LPU? There will be a email soon?? :confused:

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Hey LPUHQ, where is the presale info for INTERNATIONAL LPU users??
LPU JAPAN already put out the presale info?
Aren’t we getting one???

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LPU Japan paid membership presale info was just released, hopefully we’ll hear something soon for American LPU members.

So I have a dumb question. If we have an LPU Digital Membership and live in Japan am I right in thinking that we will have access to the presale tix just like the LPU Japan members?

Nope.LPU International and LPU Japan are totally different.You still have to join LPU Japan to get access for the Presale.

Hey I take back what I just said
It seems people you have a chance

People living outside of Japan can’t access the Presale???

I got that email. Does Digital Membership mean you are eligible for pre-sale tickets too?

I guess that tix sales sites of LPU(global) and LPU(JPN) may be the same. JUST GUESS :slight_smile:
Anyway I can’t rest assured until I get tix.

Hey, thank you for your message. The ticketing system for the pre-sale is a
local Japanese ticketing website and will require a Japanese credit card in
order to make the purchase. Presale starts on June 1st and a link will be
sent out to members a day before. Thanks!


Hi. I’m member of LPU from japan. I haven’t receive e-mail for live in japan pre-sale tickets and tickets sale starts in few hours. the e-mail already sent to global LPU members live in Japan?
another question that global LPU tickets have the right to participate in lottery for M&G in Japan?
I would really appreciate if you answer those questions.

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I’ve already given up, luckily I won the international lottery!!going to see them on the 2nd of November!

I hope the lpu tickets are not on a first come first serve basis!

Presale only for LPU members living in Japan with Japan credit card… I think this is unfair, for other countries LP live, the presale tickets are opened for all overseas LPU members without restrictions…

I don’t think it is technical problem, because the PIA website for open international lottery can accept non-Japanese credit card.

Besides, no email from LPU yet and the presale has started…

I’m disappointed about this arrangement… :unamused:

Do not recieve link add yet.
Now over 03:00PM(JPT)
Pls check my e-mail add ASAP.

Hey Did you receive the mail?

This is the link :slight_smile:

Thanx Hiro_jpn !!
I could get my tix.
Looking forward to the show from now.
Thank u so much and Luv u Hiro_jpn.:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the link!

And actually it accept non-Japanese credit card… :sweat_smile: