Presale for Japan Show ft. One Ok Rock

Hey Everyone
I was wondering if there will be a presale for LPU members for the Japan Tour on November??



I’m japanese menber of LPU.
Still not no announcement from LPU at the moment.
I’ll continue to check.

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Hi, I’m also a Japanese LPU member.
I’ve been waiting for LPU’s announcement about how to get a ticket for the show in Tokyo.

I wonder whether there is something I should do before the ticket sale.

Though I have a H.I.P paid membership, it’s going to be a super competitive ticket sale!
I believe many Japanese fans have been enrolling LPU Japan for free.

I’m already overwhelmed… Any advice?


Changed design of the entrance of LPU Japan site.
Presale of the HIP(Japanese organizers) is going start from noon of May 12th (JST) .
It’s hard to decide which one to pick HIP or LPU JP.
Anyway CAN’ WAIT!!

Hey everyone! LPU and LPU JAPAN news coming this week for the pre-sale! No need to join the HIP Fan Club. As an LPU member you will have access to the pre-sale. Stay tuned!


I am already LPU member, do I have to join new LPU Japan member to get presale?

Hey! As long as you have a Japanese credit card you will be able to access
the LPU Japan presale as an existing LPU member.

Oh, do you mean if I don’t have Japanese credit card, I cannot access LPU Japan presale? I am existing LPU member, live in Hong Kong and want to go to Japan live, any other ways to get the presale ticket? :worried:

Establishment of LPU(JPN) is very wonderful thing.
How difference pre-sale tickt between LPU and LPU(JP)?

Complete details coming soon!

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Complete details coming soon for this presale. Thank you!

Hey Just wondering
Will LPU Fans overseas have a chance to buy pre-sale tickets?
Is it only for LPU Japan or BOTH LPU JAPAN and LPU can buy them??

Just to up my chances for tickets, I ate the foreign transaction fee ($8) and placed my name in the H.I.P. lottery. If that’s a no go, hopefully LPU has a preorder for people from the states.

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Yes, I really hope that there will be LPU presale for non Japanese fans! The presale now in Japan is lottery and worth 1000yen even if lose!

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I became a member of LPUJP!
I’m a member since LPU11, so I’m glad if there is any privilege in Japanese LPU!
for example, M&G of the lottery free :wink:


Will both members get something?

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Any updates on the presale for LPU members?

The presale lottery for overseas customers will be closed soon, I am not sure if I should try this lottery or wait for LPU announcement… :confused:

Hopefully with three concerts happening at a large venue, it won’t be too hard to get tickets. On another note does anyone know if Makuhari Messe has seats? I’m attempting to get the VIP tickets, but would rather sit than stand for the entire concert. Not sure since all of the tickets appear to be general admission…does that mean everyone will be standing?

Usually Makuhari Messe has no seats, so all standing. I think the VIP tickets can only make us early access to the venue.
It is a large venue, but ONE OK ROCK is very popular in Japan, their fans can already fill up the venue and hard to get tickets… and this is LP + OOR… :worried:

No up dates at the moment.
And worried about pre-sale announcement may delay.
Most concerned thing is HIP pre-sale lottery will be end 28th 23:59(JPT).
Except the official anouncement from the LPU asap.
I belieeeeeeeeve LPU!

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