‘Post’ you guys ‘Traumatic’

The definition of ptsd is “A disorder in which a person has difficulty recovering after experiencing or witnessing a terrifying event.”

So I think after getting what Mshinoda have worked on and being able to listen to it. We should owe it to him and come clean about new things we haven’t talked about already. I post something on twitter and not like showing a picture of myself. I got anxiety from it and not just because of that. I experience panic attacks and anxiety and it all started last year and developed over working with a person I dislike and being around my mom.

And like my sister said, I’ve never experienced a trauma like this. And like my manager said, I’ve never had someone close to me pass so I didn’t know how it felt like.


What is your post traumatic that you have. What got you nodding your head when you listened to the cd?


Also when I typed “Post Traumatic” into google, the first thing to pop up was the CD (hehehehehe) but a more serious note.

This cool idea , but I can’t share mine


I don’t really have traumatic events to talk about, at least they’re not traumatic to me. I’m not sure if my dad being on the verge of death counts(doctors were astounded at how he was still alive and being casual). It was a fright for sure, but IDK about traumatic, at least not to me.

That’s good to share and I’m sad for you but this post is about how what happened last year affected you and what did you get from it…

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Ah, in that case I can’t contribute much to this thread, my coping mechanism is to bury it and let it rot.


Yeah the burying it part. I just don’t talk about what happened and go on from there. I’m just now seeing that I can kinda talk about that day. I have a place on my wall where my sister signed it saying ‘Livi was here- July 19, 2017’ And I stare at it. Because I was happy then.

That day specifically, definitely wasn’t traumatic to me. I know it was for a lot of people, but I don’t make those sorts of emotional connections.

I think I know how you feel. Like when I found out what happened from my younger brother of all people. I didn’t cry or feel it at first. I guess I was in disbelief. I did when I made it to the car but I was with my mom and she had no feelings. But when I made it to my sisters. She wanted me over there and it wasn’t til the next day it really hit me and then that week. Month was like blah.

And then first of August I was in a jerking accident and that just f***ed my whole life over.

At least you felt something. For me, my exact reaction was casually saying “shame” and just continued doing what I was donig. Then I came to the forums and watched on in total confusion as everyone became an emotional wreck. It never set in for me, because I guess there was nothing to set in. I’m just not the type of person to get emotional over things. Chester was a badass who made some damn good music, he passed away, it’s sad, I move on. That’s just how I react.

I should point out, I’m not looking down on anyone or criticising them for thier reactions, it’s just that I didn’t really have one.

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See coming clean is fun :smiley:

But I understand. I’ll probably regret this post later. But if you want we can just talk about bunnies.

Lets just say its a long story

But thanks for understanding

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Holy cow! I only just realised that I was having a serious conversation with @intheend of all people. My mind is blown, but anyway, back on topic…


I just saw the thread and thought the same thing :slight_smile: you’re talking for real and that’s awesome :slight_smile: and I hope you don’t regret making this, it’s great for you to let go of what you’ve been carrying :slight_smile: I’m slightly like terminator here in that it isn’t personally devastating, I mean I felt it, it bugged me and it was difficult hearing his music right after but I did so purposefully I think the most for me was hearing his last speeches and really having them get to me but life kind of went on

For me actually, it gave me an opportunity to help around here a bit, maybe that might’ve helped me but it was satisfying in a way trying to reach out to people considering I’ve never done so outside of here
The other thing it did for me was to make me not want to miss opportunities-if there’s a chance to do something don’t wait around on it(like going to an lp concert)


maybe your reason for ptsd?? lmao- but seriously- I won´t share either- understand you very well @StephLP18

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Thank you pat. @theearlywalker for understanding

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I’ve had one as well with a family member that made me realise (and change) a lot of things in my life and I still think about it and sometimes even cry out of the blue, but what’s done, is done. We somehow need to move on and remember the good stuff.

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Great thread. For me coping with Chester’s passing was quite difficult at first. I’ve never had many other heavy traumas though

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