Post Tramautic tour at Gramercy Theatre 6.20.18

So who else is attending this show? Got my ticket this morning.


Did pre sale tickets sell out? I knew I shouldn’t have overslept this morning. ugh.

Myself and 10 others will be there. :slight_smile:


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I wish :sob: I got on Live Nation at 10:03 and it was already sold out! 3 minutes!! I really hope he does another show in NYC :pray: :pray:

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Wow there seems to be a massive demand for MS

I never got the presale to say anything other than sold out.

Hey everyone i didnt get my tickets and im sad is there a other way to get my tickets​:sob::sob:. Also i want to go see mike live, but i dont have a memeber ship and also when i am pressing the memeber Manageing it is not letting me though because i dont really know the reason. I want to go so bad. Can one of you guys please help a fan out please. This would be my first concert ever. And i want the tictets so bad.

It happened to me at first but after 10 minutes, I got my ticket. I was determined

yup, tomorrow is the General sale at 10 am

The thing is I don’t have a member ship how do I purchase one by tomorrow because I really want t go, but I don’t yet though.

Just create a free account with ticket master, have your credit card info ready. You don’t need a membership for the General sale

Thank you so much for your help :blush::blush::blush::blush: oh so I don’t need the member ship for the general admission.

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Got my tickets yesterday. I am coming from Maine so I wont be able to go to both the album signing and the concert so I picked concert :slight_smile:

Do you think there is any hope of a meet and greet for this one?

So no tickets were available when I tried to do the 10 am general admission sale. Now I gotta pay 120 for a ticket if I want to go. That’s just for one ticket… smh. I really hope there is a meet and greet at this one.

Were there any emails or anything sent out prior to presale. I never got anything by time i found out It was :confounded:

Not really sure as I joined LPU just a few days ago. My understanding was that the presale codes were just posted on your profile page. Not sure about notifications for those.

I never saw the presale codes and didnt get a ticket. Totally bummed. If anyone has an extra, lmk please. Havent seen MS live in NYC in over 10 yrs!!

the presale code was in your My Account tab

I’ll be there! So excited for this.

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Now I really am bummed I missed it. :frowning: