Post Tramautic tour at Gramercy Theatre 6.20.18

i can’t even go because it cost too much and i’m upset:sweat: :sob: but there is always a other time right

I’m going! I haven’t seen LP in 10 years and I haven’t seen Mike solo since Fort Minor in '06 so this is gonna be really exciting for me. I was thinking about maybe doing a pre- or post- show hang out at The Globe pub down the block if anyone is interested (and depending on my work schedule… it is a wednesday)

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Was hoping for a meet and greet contest for Gramercy, but with him doing the Looney Tunes signing, he probably won’t have one which is fine.

Still debating if I want to get resale tickets.

Got my ticket!! Cant wait. :sunglasses::metal:

If any1 can’t go looking for a ticket thanks

GUYS that going there!there’s a M&G! :heart_eyes: :blush:

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You signed up?

Oh lol…No, I’m not there… :sweat_smile: I just saw and posted it here to let people know about it and have the chance to go… :sun_with_face:

As soon as I saw the message I signed up…doubt if I get picked though


Oh lol I thought it was for all shows :sweat_smile:

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thank you for this! I signed up.

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Yaaay!! :tada: happy for you and who’s going! And I see you’re new here, so welcome!! :sun_with_face: :smile:

Just getting home now and checked my email. I got the MnG for Wednesday’s show



We had a great time at Looney Tunes yesterday. The LPINYC family was 22 strong! We can’t wait for Gramercy tomorrow night!



I had this idea that if I was picked, that I would get a card & have fans sign it congratulating Mike on releasing his debut album. Just to show that NYC love. I will be wearing my official L.P. Street Team shirt (it was a black t-shirt but it’s over 16 yrs old and I refuse to part with it) and will be going down the line asking for you guys to sign it w/a one line sentence (the card is not that big, I was tempted to by the congrats grads autograph dog :grin:). Let’s show Mike that the tri-state area loves & supports him fully! See ya there and let’s having an awesome time tonight, remember if someone falls, you gotta pick them up!:metal:


Wow, what a freakin’ show. It was so awesome to see some friends that I haven’t seen for over 10 years come out for this. It was a really moving night.


Mike and all of us #MadeChesterProud that night. Thank you Mike for everything

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Pics and video I took of Mike’s show

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