Portraits of a Masked Mind


If you will be awaken in the next 45-60 minutes you can read it (I need to translate it first.)


I will enjoy it with my morning coffee :coffee:️ tomorrow then, and I hope you’re here then and I already know it will be awesome- the title is a promise :blush::yellow_heart::+1:t2:

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Goodnight Pat, until tomorrow.

This is a history written as a poem. It has three parts. and in the next post I’ll publish the firts one.


You used to love, even when everyone taught you to hate.
You used to act, instead of thinking things so much.
You used to life, before turning a machine.
You used to enjoy life and time, instead of questioning the future.
Jonny, plastic skin, you used to listen to and advise.
Now everything slips like a raincoat, sheltering you from the rain.

Life has been easy for you, it’s you who complicates it.
Did you erase your past? Then who or what are you?
Is this your happiness? Has being like this given you the joy you wanted?
Is this why you’re plastic?
Oh Jonny!

You realize that you lose youth for a false life,
but… you deny it… you don’t change it…
You walk toward blindly, you don’t see both sides, only backwards
like a crab running away from its fate.
Who is hidden behind you name? Why that fake identify?
It seems I don’t know you, however I feel your thoughts.
Some chains don’t save your life, nor your sorrows: They only suffocate you.
That event… He’s fine, you didn’t hurt him. He is healed and saved.
Why don’t you want to be? Time has passed. Does it make sense to do it now?..
Jonny… Silence is still speaking for you.

The mask that you hide behind that plastic skin
doesn’t let you see what you lose.
There are endless of words that describe
your noblest feast and great deeds.
Hidden from you, but no from all.
Jonny look at you with the eyes that judge us,
those that are severe and reveal the truth.


Solías amar, incluso cuando todos te enseñaron a odiar.
Solías actuar, en lugar de pensar tanto las cosas.
Solías vivir, antes de volverte una máquina
Solías gozar la vida y el tiempo, en vez de cuestionarte el futuro.
Jonny, piel de plástico, solías escuchar y aconsejar.
Ahora todo te resbala cual impermeable resguardándote de la lluvia.

La vida te ha sido fácil, eres tú quien la complica.
¿Borraste tu pasado? ¿Entonces quién o qué eres?
¿Es esto tu felicidad? ¿Ser así te ha dado la alegría que deseabas?
Ser analítico con otros y nunca ver tus errores…
¿Acaso por esto eres de plástico?
¡Oh Jonny!

Te das cuenta que pierdes la juventud por una falsa vida,
pero… lo niegas… no lo cambias…
Caminas hacia adelante a ciegas, no ves a ambos lados, solo para atrás,
cual cangrejo escapando de su destino.
¿Quién se esconde detrás de tu nombre? ¿Por qué esa falsa identidad?
Pareciera que no te conozco, sin embargo siento tus pensamientos.
Unas cadenas no salvan tu vida, ni tus penas: Sólo te sofocan.
Ese evento… Él está bien, no lo dañaste. Él está sano y salvo.
¿Por qué tú no quieres estarlo? El tiempo ha pasado ¿Tiene lógica hacerlo ahora?..
Jonny… El silencio sigue hablando por ti.

La máscara que ocultas detrás de esa piel de plástico
no te deja ver lo que te pierdes.
Hay un sinfín de palabras que describen
tus más nobles proezas y grandes hazañas.
Las ocultas de ti mismo, mas no de todos.
Jonny, mírate con los ojos que nos juzgan,
aquellos que son severos y develan la verdad.



I feel you, I feel your worries and want you just to free youself- to act instead of thinking- of remaining in the past- to make new experiences that overwrite the past and especially the event- cause its only one who still stuck in it- it’s Johnny, in his plastic skin… I would wish you the power of jumping over it, to end the dance with your demons- to jump off the edge and to see and find what’s there, if you reach the bottom… it is sure something new and it has the chance to be wonderful and warm and lovely- a future that gazes out, the past to overwrite…

Using partly lp lyrics for my feedback on your story, or to the lil Johnny in each of us

Your new text is describing a kinda inner monologue that somebody has with himself- a „talking to myself“ scenario- the reflection of a situation in which someone seems to stuck. It’s once again very impressive written, the reader gets a very deep sensing about Johnnies feels, about his denial, about his unability to move- eventhough he know it with his rational brainpart- but something holds him back… from stepping on- again it reminds me on lp lyrics- this time of „heavy“ …I wanna let go but there’s comfort in the panic … and I drive myself crazy STOP - that’s what it makes me feel, to say: Stop Johnny - maybe to my own inner Johnny too… thanx for this inspiring moment you gifted to me with your share today bro :blush:… and curious me is waiting from up now for part two of your triology … :clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2:


Pat! I admire you and love your reply! I’m speechless to be honest. You saw though the lines of my text perfectly! :hugs: :hugs: :hugs:

The use of LP’s Lyrics is something I wouldn’t think before. I love how you did those analogies, they’re great!

And maybe you love more the second part.
Thank you very much for your feedback! :blush:


This is a special occasion! The next story has the only featuring in my book. And I’m so, so, so, so glad to have worked with my favorite artist in the English version. For being a special night, I won´t publish the original version of it.

Ladies and gentlemen, with you:

The First Mistake

I come to you to break our chains, tearing down our barrier and to finally forget our regrets. I am not the one to guide you about wrong and right, I’m just one of those people who don’t know themselves, but I know what was their first mistake.

Our instincts tell us to blindly follow what others do, disregarding what we believe. We comfortably talk about food, clothes and other common topics, but not about suicide and depression as they are catchy and steal our attention, something which we consider an imagination or a tabu.

The first mistake was to bear the pain and remain silent, the first mistake was to overthink, the first mistake was our denial for rebel or protest, the first mistake was believing in something without fundamentals or any reason, the first mistake was to live the life without be alive.

It’s hard to live with this pain, that inevitable pain which is always there as a heavy hand to bring us down. But I can help you.

Help and praise, work and build
take out your regrets and your sins.
Shout out to those, who object your will
Leave them behind and climb hour hill
Respect all opinions along with yours
Follow the humanity and learn from those cures
Give time to yourself and learn how to roar
And now thats first mistake doesn’t exist anymore…

A special thanks from the deep of my heart to @Honey8 for have helped me to write this story.

@Honey8 I really appreciate your help and I don’t words to express my gratitude with you and your great collaboration. You are the best soldier I have even met. Once again, @Honey8 thank you very much.


Second part of Jonny, plastic skin

Your ears lead to the voices you long to find.
Your brain tries, but your skin prevents it.
Jonny, you can’t be alone if I’m locked up with you:
In this skin, in this mind, in your heart of hay, in your life.

Do you understand what we feel when we see you defeated by such stupidity?
I know you’re ashamed, but you must get up off the ground.
Not for him, not for me, not them, but for yourself.
If it’s true that you are condemned, at least die in a dignified manner.

Jonny: My sentence is to live without him… I can’t allow that this consumes me.
: C’mon man! Watch your future with or without him you cannot be like this.
Jonny: I miss him, I want him, and I want to be with him!
: And in that state are you going to look for him? He will flee at the mere sight of you. You are giving pity.
Jonny: What do you care! Leave me alone!
: I don’t care [about] him, but your welfare… I’ll help you to get there.
Jonny: How?! Take me where his memory lies and his spirit lives.
: Just stand and use your senses, is the only you need, he will be waiting for you.
Jonny: I will do anything for him. Even get up from this pigsty I call life…

You are still here, standing and waiting, pretending to be something more than a sentimental plastic.
Your mind never controlled its power. Why not try it now that you want to be free?
You still don’t realize yet, right? You don’t see it, much less you feel it, but you begin to be other. I don’t know if the real one or someone else.
Today you’re living what you want to live,
behind are the days where you used to live their life.
That’s how the freedom feels, right?


Spanish Version.
Tus oídos conducen a las voces que anhelar encontrar.
Tu cerebro trata, pero tu piel lo impide.
Jonny, no puedes estar solo si yo estoy encerrado contigo:
En esta piel, en esta mente, en tu corazón de heno, en tu vida.

¿Comprendes lo que sentimos al verte derrotado por una estupidez así?
Sé que te da vergüenza, pero debes levantarte del suelo.
No por él, ni por mí, ni por ellos, sino por ti mismo.
Si es cierto que estás condenado, al menos muere de una forma digna.

Jonny: Mi condena es vivir sin él… No puedo dejar que esto me consuma.
: Vamos, Jonny, observa tu futuro, con o sin él no puedes ser así.
Jonny: ¡Lo extraño, lo deseo, quiero estar con él!
: ¿Y en ese estado lo vas a buscar? Él huirá al nomás verte así, estás dando pena.
Jonny: ¡Qué te importa! ¡Déjame solo!
: No me importa él, sino tu bienestar… te ayudaré a llegar con él.
Jonny: ¡¿Cómo?! Llévame donde su recuerdo yace y su espíritu vive.
: Solo párate y usa tus sentidos, es lo único que necesitas, él te estará esperando.
Jonny: Haré lo que sea por él. Incluso levantarme de esta pocilga que llamo vida…

Sigues aquí, parado y esperando, pretendiendo ser algo más que un plástico sentimental.
Tu mente nunca controló su poder ¿Por qué no intentarlo ahora que quieres ser libre?
Aún no te das cuenta ¿Verdad? No lo vez, ni mucho menos lo sientes, pero empiezas a ser otro. No sé si el verdadero u otro más.
Hoy estás viviendo lo que quieres vivir,
atrás están quedando los días donde solías vivir su vida.
Así es como se siente la libertad ¿No?


It was my pleasure to work with you. Thanks for letting me write on this grrat idea… I never thought smthg like that lol… it’s really beautiful! :two_hearts::smile: Hehe
Take care… hope we are able to make some more collaborations! :blush:


Yaay, gonna read it this afternoon… :blush:


This is not the official cover, but it’s just to give an idea of how my book will look like when it’s done. I’m so excited for this moment that I want to share it with you.

PD: It’s a screenshoot of my book in a doc. of Word.


:smiley: wooaahh!! amazing!! are all the articles in it same as you’ve posted here ??

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Some titles have changed and I had to delete two chapters and create new ones. The English version of Retratos (Portraits) will be added when the Spanish version is done.

But be sure you have a special place in Retratos (Portraits) :smile: :relaxed:

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Third part.

Today you are giving me a smile, you’re paying attention to your worlds.
Not to a point, but the landscape.
I feel that you refuse to believe that you emerge from your subconscious.
You begin to raise your gaze, not in sigh of of arrogance, vanity or pride, but of courage and boldness in the face of fear
You no longer depend on time, only on your will.
Change that rigid useless plastic for a determination of iron.
Your barriers, today, you are pulling them. Simply with the fact of being free.

What’s the point now? What is the relationship?
Jonny, you come back to the past, not to live of it, but to learn.
Jonny, today you are another Jonny.
Your look is still hidden, but your character is different.
It’s never too late to live and experience the nature.
Nothing stops you now, however an obstacle is holding you back.

Reality and Fantasy created in your imagination an event that ended up being executed…
The memory of something bad (according your moral code) that happened, didn’t affect the other part.
Everything is fine, and if not, at least that for for which you complain is
Do you understand? Your problem was cured long ago.
Coldly face that fear that makes you uncomfortable;
and with forgiveness to the other part. Just follow that hunch.

I still remember, in the distance, your “transformation”:
You were born like any other: Being a kid who knew nothing about life.
During your growth you were very human.
You distrusted, and still you helped.
After some events you changed your skin for that plastic.
You did it without wanting to, you just pretended to shelter from pain
that the world still manages. You saw the bad and took care of it.
Today you are modifying it. Step by step you are evolving.

This day your time is over, you couldn’t reach your goal.
Your sadness seizes your soul and dulls the faces of your face…
Calm down, Jonny, calm down. There is still a hope:
Go directly and verify that he is there.
After all, your heart demands this step to become your real self.
So Jonny, come back to life, be yourself again.
Leave that plastic, stop being numb.
Jonny, stop being Jonny.

Spanish version

Hoy me estás regalando una sonrisa, prestas atención a tu mundo.
No a un punto, sino al panorama.
Siento que te niegas a creer que emerges de tu subconsciente.
Empiezas a elevar tu mirada, no en señal de prepotencia, vanidad u orgullo, sino de valor y osadía ante el miedo.
Ya no dependes del tiempo, sólo de tu voluntad.
Cambia ese rígido plástico inservible por una determinación de hierro.
Tus barreras, hoy, las estás tirando. Simplemente con el hecho de ser libre.

¿Qué caso tiene ahora? ¿Cuál es la relación?
Jonny, vuelves al pasado, no para vivir de él, sino para aprender.
Jonny, hoy eres otro Jonny.
Tu mirada aún se esconde, mas tu carácter es otro.
Nunca es tarde para vivir y experimentar la naturaleza.
Ya nada te detiene, sin embargo un obstáculo está frenándote.

La realidad y la fantasía crearon en tu imaginación un suceso que terminó siendo ejecutado…
El recuerdo de algo malo que (según tu código moral) ocurrió, no afectó a la otra parte.
Todo está bien, y si no, por lo menos aquello por lo que te quejas sí lo está
¿Entiendes? Tu problema fue curado hace tiempo.
Enfrenta con frialdad ese temor que te acompleja;
y con perdón a la otra parte. Sólo sigue esa corazonada.


Once again beautiful work so epic :grin:

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I love the cover already :heart_eyes: and I feel this book growing like a baby, happy to see the progress, changing and development of your first book :blush:, and I can feel you very proud of what you wrote so far bro.

I am curious: is Johnny supposed to be a triologie? Because reading part two first and then part three leaves the feel inside of me that there is still something going on with/in and on him…

The inner dialogue of part two shows that he is changing, our Johnny, that he gets more and more aware what and why he got into plastic, and it’s like good and bad, black and white, power and weakness are talking to each other- it leaves the reader a deep insight into his inner process, leaves the reader curious in which direction Johnny will go

The third part gives an idea of what will be his future, it feels like the broken splatters inside of Johnny are melting back into a few pieces, and that he is on a good way to finally become one, healed and whole again- aware that the past had its impact and ready to go on his way due to present into a future with an open heart…

Still it leaves me a bit with the feel like the final solution is still not found, neither for Johnny nor for the reader, who has to accept that the story ends although it’s not finally ready- the new skin of Johnny

Thanx for sharing Johnny Plasticskin with us @IronSoldier16 - one more proof of your very inspiring way of writing- you are blessed bro :sunny:

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I love your writing skills. :smiley:

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I still have to read it well… :fearful: :see_no_evil:

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:heart_eyes: thank you!
Your new toy :joy::joy: what about :unicorn: ?? Lol… well that’s food right :thinking:
Yea… enjoy the new toy! Playing :guitar::notes::smiley:

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Finally read all!!! :muscle:

Nice stories!I’m really curious to know what Jonny would do now… if he’ll want to follow his instinct and freely be himself or if he’ll stop his journey somehow… :thinking:

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