Portraits of a Masked Mind


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With the aroma of coffee, so the morning was painted that everything changed. It was the typical morning with the same routine as the other days. Accidents, deaths, doubtful ethical issues, pending things to do, boring meetings, mechanical classes, family problems, careers at work, personal secrets and private matters.

So what was new or spectacular that morning? What was the change? He was just alive, and for the first time he experienced the life he always pretended to live, that is, he stopped lying to be able to feel.

His spirit now lies in the reality that he abandoned for more than 15 years. His body finally works. His lies can be said are true.

Yes, a coffee, a bread with beans, no memories and a new day are the product of having woken up early from a dream. He can’t ensure that life will smile, but the ephemeral is also used and enjoyed.

He no longer lets things affect him -so much- and he faces properly the consequences.

With aroma of morning coffee says goodbye to his past. With the aroma of Guatemalan coffee, this is how his new journey begins. With the aroma of fresh coffee, he prepares his new work. After concluding with it, his new path continues.


Con aroma a café, así se pintó la mañana que todo cambió. Fue la típica mañana con la misma rutina de los demás días. Accidentes, muertos, cuestiones éticas dudables, cosas pendientes por hacer, reuniones aburridas, clases mecánicas, problemas familiares, carreras en el trabajo, secretos personales y asuntos privados.

Así que ¿Qué tenía de nuevo o espectacular esa mañana? ¿Cuál era el cambio? Simplemente él estaba vivo, y por primera vez experimentó la vida que siempre pretendió vivir, es decir, dejó de fingir para poder sentir.

Su espíritu ahora yace en la realidad que por más de 15 años abandonó. Su cuerpo al fin trabaja. Sus mentiras, se pueden decir, son verdaderas.

Sí, un café, un pan con frijol, ningún recuerdo y un día nuevo son el producto de haber despertado temprano de un sueño. No podrá asegurar que la vida le vaya a sonreír, pero lo efímero también se aprovecha, se goza y se disfruta.

Ya no deja que las cosas le afecten –tanto- y las consecuencias las afronta debidamente.

Con aroma a café mañanero se despide de su pasado. Con aroma a café guatemalteco, así empieza su nuevo viaje. Con aroma a café recién hecho, prepara su nueva obra. Tras concluir con ésta, su nuevo camino continúa.


That’s my and @theearlywalker ’ story! With a coffee we begin our day, wash away the sadness and look at the sun the day bring to us… :blush: :sun_with_face:


Me too! But my days go on with more coffees sometimes! Lol


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Nicely written. Simple but effective! :smiley:

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Mmm coffee… nice job!

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With aroma of coffe was truely so good , short and sweet. :slightly_smiling_face::blush: And i love the title aroma of morning coffee if you’d like to change…
It’s an amazing pice of writing… great work! :two_hearts:


@rickvanmeijel, @melisLP thanks guys! :slight_smile:

I’m not sure about the title in English, the one it has now I don’t like it and the other options sound very stupid for a title, maybe I call it Coffee, I don’t.


Lately on Wednesday I’m going to a workshop about writing and first intentions, this week I must share a history from my book, the question is that I don’t know which one choice, any suggestion? @lpfan61, @ashesoftime, @framos1792, @theearlywalker, @Honey8, @mish3lka, @rickvanmeijel, @AJ_7, @OneMoreLight2017 and @annejprado.


Just that we say it here or will you install a poll?

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A poll, only the titles of the first chapter will be able.


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  • PROFUNDIDADES DEL CORAZÓN (Depths of the heart)
  • DE TI APRENDÍ A (From you I learnt to)
  • ¿DÓNDE ESTÁS MAMÁ? (Where are you, mom?)
  • PASANDO EL TIEMPO (Spending the time)
  • EL DETALLE (The detail)
  • NO ERES PERFECTA (You are not perfect)
  • SORPRESA (Surprise)
  • VERSOS (verses)
  • FRASES Y PENSAMIENTOS (Phrases and throughts)
  • PERDÓN (Forgiveness)

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Ohhh you tricky one- always an exercise hidden in your questions- so and where is the lovestory??? Not on the list? Esteban and Ester? Ok- then I need to reread before voting- will do …


I’ll do the same. I wanted the coffee aroma… lets see… I’ll go though all of them and vote for my best :slightly_smiling_face: