Portraits of a Masked Mind



Let me smile, let me lie,
Let me cry, let me scream.
Let you love, let you sorrow.
Let you comprenher, let you express.

Let me be, let me go,
Let you feel, let you say,
Let me know,let me meet,
Let you leave, let you live.

Let us be humans,
let us be kids, and have fun:
Let us be persons,
Let us dream, and fly:


Déjame sonreír, déjame fingir,
Déjame llorar, déjame gritar.
Déjate amar, déjate sufrir,
Déjate comprender, déjate expresar.

Permíteme estar, permíteme ir,
Permítete sentir, permítete decir,
Permíteme saber, permíteme conocer,
Permítete dejar, permítete vivir.

Permítenos ser humanos,
Déjanos ser niños, y divertirnos:
Permítenos ser personas,
Déjanos soñar, y volar:



Green as the Quetzal,
Light blue as the sky,
Blue as their eyes,
Red as the heart.

Black as my thoughts
White as my reaction.
Purple as the blows
Gray as your absence.

Without you, colors are left over,
Words adorn the silence.
A final brown line
drawing a sign:


Verde como el Quetzal,
Celeste como el cielo,
Azul como sus ojos,
Rojo como el corazón.

Negro como mis pensamientos
Blanco como mi reacción.
Purpura como los golpes
Gris como tu ausencia.

Sin ti, los colores sobran,
Las palabras adornan el silencio
Una línea café final
Dibujando un suspiro:


Thanks! I will :smile:


These 3 poems are really beautiful! :smile: well done!

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Really enjoyed these

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Feels like a bleeding heart, deep and as in your stories, no end and no begin- reading them throws the reader right into it, captured in pure emotion- that’s an amazing gift that you have, looking forward what emotions you share at next, right now I feel …yearning and sweet nostalgia. Thanx bro :blush:


Thanks for the index :blush: I’d love to read all again from the start, your stories and @acemasters 's songs… will soon :slight_smile:

Well how are you @IronSoldier16 ? Its been long hearing you. Hope all fine your side :blush:

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This story dates from August 2017. A dark time for me…


A hug with taste of goodbye, was the last thing that was known about him. Samuel is his name. He left us many messages, we didn’t read them. We were deluded. He had a “friend”, who kept quiet what she saw.

He spoke to silence, because this one did answer him. Samuel listened to his heart and tried to move on. He fell when he kept quiet. He was just another who thought that being someone in life was a goal, but it wasn’t like that. Samuel wasn’t his real name, he called A… His friend knew it…

Now to you!.. If you never cared his presence, don’t pay attention to his states, they have nothing to do with you… It can’t understand. Both knew his fate. How forget the slow walk of a dead man who blinded his life in an instant! She managed to overcome the fear by saying it, but failed in the time of fulfill it.

Somehow she talked to us. He has not yet heard the voices inside his head, but he was already determined to lose his life… Who cared? Nobody. It’s another suicide more… “With time the loved ones will forget you” for better or worse… you’re just one more dead person.

Why did he do it? She knew it, if she could speak, she woould have avoided it, but preferred to see him kill himself than talk… His final words were: “I am not a man anymore, just a memory in the broken hopes of someone… Yours.” She said anything in that moment. She was a building. Little did it matter, he died being what he was: A rapist.

Yeah! In the end and after many years we still don’t know each other. We have been lied too… Here there is no “we”, but “I” and that “I” is really “him.” My name is V… And: Today I breathe again. It was worth leaving. I feel alive. I had to make them believe I was dead to runaway from there.

I found something more harmful and fatal than drugs and tobacco: His memory. Before it was synonymous of joy, today of sin and sorrows… His name just kills those who know him, and althoung the years have passed and of all the words I can’t say your name is the first, today, the history is other. I can say it, but nobody can hear it… Suicide in the hell is salvation in heaven.


Un abrazo con sabor a despedida, fue lo último que se supo sobre él. Samuel es su nombre. Nos dejó varios mensajes, no los leímos. Fuimos unos ilusos. Él tenía una “amiga”, la cual calló lo que vio.

Él le hablaba al silencio, porque éste sí le respondía. Samuel oía a su corazón y trataba de avanzar. Cayó cuando calló. Sólo era otro que pensó que ser alguien en la vida era una meta, mas no fue así. Samuel no era su nombre. Él se llamaba A… su amiga lo sabía…

¡Ahora a ti!.. Si nunca te importó su presencia, ya no le prestes atención a sus estados, nada tienen que ver contigo… No se puede entender. Ambos sabían su destino ¡Cómo olvidar el lento caminar de un muerto que cegó su vida en un instante! Ella logró superar el miedo al decirlo, pero falló en el tiempo de cumplirlo.

De alguna extraña forma se comunicó con nosotros. Él aún no oía las voces dentro de su cabeza, pero ya estaba decidido a perder su vida… ¿A quién le importó? A nadie. Es otro suicidio más… “Con el tiempo los seres queridos te olvidarán” para bien o para mal… Sólo eres un muerto más.

¿Por qué lo hizo? Ella lo sabía, si pudiera hablar, lo hubiera evitado, pero prefirió verlo suicidarse que hablar… Sus palabras finales fueron: “Ya no soy un hombre, solo un recuerdo en las esperanzas rotas de alguien… Las tuyas” Ella no dijo nada en aquel entonces: era un edificio. Poco importaba ya, él murió siendo lo que era: un violador.

¡Sí! Al final y después de tantos años seguimos sin conocernos. Hemos mentido también… aquí no hay un “nosotros”, sino un “yo” y ese “yo” es realmente “él.” Me llamo V… y: Hoy respiro una vez más, valió la pena haberse ido. Me siento vivo. Tuve que hacerles creer que estaba para escapar de ahí.

Encontré algo más dañino y fatal que las drogas y el tabaco: Su recuerdo. Antes era sinónimo de alegría, hoy de pecado y lamentos… Su nombre solo mata a quien lo conoce, y aunque los años han pasado y de todas las palabras que ya no puedo decir tu nombre es la primera, hoy, la historia es otra, puedo decirlo, pero nadie puede oírlo… El suicidio en el infierno es la salvación en el cielo.


@lpfan61, @melisLP thanks for your comments.

Wow! I have no words to explain how happy and peacefull makes me feel this! Thank you so much.

Thanks God I can share with you all! Thanks from the botton of my heart :'D

And I feel admiration for you and I’m very greatful for your feedback :blush:

You can do whenever you want :wink:

Actually I need something from you. I’ll send you the info for email. :slight_smile:


Needed to read it twice, and a third time … still it gives me confusion, and that’s not only because you gave the protagonist the name Samuel, while it’s A… :upside_down_face:, maybe it’s the feeling of the story itself? Confusion and a feel of mis- or not understanding that is only ( in your story) to solve by leaving with suicide? And leave the others behind? Speechless?

If this was the intention with writing this story, to let the reader get a sneak peek into these two sides, the one that leaves and the other(s) that are left behind, then you did an awesome job once again … I get an imagination about how it feels, and partly know it from myself.

Great job on it @IronSoldier16 :grin:

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Cya there. :hugs:

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Was the first name that came to my mind and fit with the real one.

Yes, it is.

Thanks! Actually this history took me 2 weeks of weird post on my Facebook and like one or two months later I created this history.

Next story the next week.


Dark story… seems like the character wants to find a way to disappear and be forgot and forgiven… :confused: not the right way though… there’s always another way to solve a problem! Never give up!
Btw…hope for you it’s all right since you decided to publish this story now… :hugs: :hugs: :hugs: :muscle:


Maybe the darkest one of all… As I said it was created in August 2017 (less that the first month without Chester) when I began to write as random post on my Facebook.

Thanks, we talked about this the last year, remember? I won’t do anything so stupid like V… did. :hugs:



Yeah, I remember! :blush: here’s a biiiig sunny hug to you! :sun_with_face: :hugs: :hugs: :hugs: :muscle:

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Thank you! :smile: now the Oreos :wink:

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G. M.
The closeness of time
desolated the loneliness of
our beings.

Different bodies, same blood.
Different characters, same life.

I can’t comprenher her understanding.
But I want o please her last steps.

Should this be like this?
No! It’s my life.
Yes! It’s her life.

Similar desires, equal intentions
Empty the instinct, fill the spirit.

A sigh and a silence
leave this in the rest…

Respect and love is what is left.

G. M.
La cercanía del tiempo
Desoló a la soledad de
Nuestros seres.

Cuerpos distintos, misma sangre.
Diferentes caracteres, misma vida.

No comprendo su entendimiento.
Pero quiero complacer sus últimos pasos.

¿Debería esto ser así?
¡No! Es mi vida.
¡Sí! Es su vida.

Deseos similares, intensiones iguales
Vacío el instinto, lleno el espíritu.

Un suspiro y un silencio
Dejan esto en el resto…

Respeto y cariño es lo sobra.


Feel the warmth of her words,
the warm of her hugs,
Taste the sweet sound of her advising voice,
The softness of her hands on my shoulders pushing me forward,
This is the woman who loves,
and take care of you,
that woman is simply
a woman
whose wisdom is misunderstood by many
and appreciated by few.

Natural beauty
And of abysmal talent.
Throw me away from the problems
And keep teaching my heart
to understand how your incredible world works,
that, with delusions and greatness,
for you, everything is possible,
and more when your wise side appears.

Woman, simply woman.
Love of heart
And forgive my mistake
makes you the best.

Sentir la calidez de sus palabras,
El calor de sus abrazos,
Saborear el dulce sonido de voz aconsejadora,
La suavidad de sus manos en mis hombros empujándome hacia adelante,
Así es la mujer que quiere,
Y te cuida,
Esa mujer es simplemente
Una mujer
Cuya sabiduría es incomprendida por muchos
Y apreciada por pocos.

Belleza natural
Y de talento abismal.
Lánzame lejos de los problemas
Y sigue educando mi corazón
Para entender cómo funciona tu increíble mundo,
Que, con delirios y grandezas,
Para ti, todo es posible,
Y más cuando tu lado sabio aparece.

Mujer, simplemente mujer.
Amar de corazón
Y perdonar mi error
Te hace la mejor.

This is my last poem of the 2017. Enjoyed it. I wrote it in 30/12/17 at 23:30 or so.


There are two texts pending to publish:

  • Connected.
  • The First Mistake (Ft. A special guess)

For some personal reasons I will skip this two texts and I’ll be sharing in the next hours one of my last chapter:

  • Jonny, plastic skin.
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Awesome- curious me is looking forward :heart_eyes:

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