Portraits of a Masked Mind


:scream::scream: what happened btw Raul and Raquel? Last time I read about them they were perfectly fine :hushed:

I missed your stories and the straight way you are describing situations- no end and no beginning- just the situation itself, raw, clear and touching! Thanx for that :blush:

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Wait! What?! :open_mouth: Aren’t you confuse them with Esteban and Esther (from “perfection”)?

Thank you so much!!!

You’re welcome :smiley:



Post 03 Depth of the heart. (Profundidades del Corazón)
Post 13 From you I learnt to: (De ti aprendí a:)
Post 13 Where are you mom? (¿Dónde estás mamá?)
Post 22 The detail. (El detalle)
Post 22 You are not perfect. (No eres perfecta)
Post 22 Spending the time. (Pasando el tiempo)
Post 42 Forgiveness (Perdón)
Post 70 Letter A (Sobre A)
Post 73 Letter B (Sobre B)
Post 77 My son (Mi hijo) (It belongs to Conectado)
Post 81 Letter C (Sobre C)
Post 90 Surprise (Sorpresa)
Post 91 I wish (Desearía)
Post 91 Forget you (Olvidarte)
Post 91 Speak (Hablar)
Post 91 Gentleman (Caballero)
Post 92 Phrases and thoughts (Frases y pensamientos)
Post 109 The original story (El cuento original)
Post 114 Alma Rosa
Post 120 Withe (Blanco)
Post 126 Micro-stories (microcuentos)
Post 127 I want (Quiero)
Post 134 Woman, soul of bird (Mujer, alma de pájaro)
Post 135 Happy Children’s day? (¿Feliz día del niño?)
Post 143 Social slave (Esclavo social)
Post 146 Pleoxi
Post 147 Old stubborn tree (Viejo árbol terco)
Post 148 Social networks (Redes sociales)
Post 148 Foreign heart (Corzón extranjero)
Post 149 Learning (Aprender)
Post 200 Oxymoron (Oximoron)
Post 201 Silence (Silencio)
Post 202 Other life (Otra vida)
Post 203 Dangerous memory (Recuerdo peligroso)
Post 204 Fleeting memory (Recuerdo fugaz)
Post 205 Distance (Distancia)
Post 206 Desty II
Post 218 Anecdote (Anécdota)
Post 219 Crime and judgment (crimen y juicio)
Post 229 The importance of reading (La importancia de leer)
Post 230 Destiny?
Post 231 She (ella)
Post 232 Heart of peace (corazón de paz)
Post 233 Sleep monologue (Monólogo del sueño)
Post 234 Freedom (¿Libertad?)
Post 235 Time, I just say (Tiempo: solo opino)
Post 236 Narpoe
Post 237 Innocence (Inocencia)
Post 238 Tree (Árbol)
Post 239 Mysteries (Misterios)
Post 240 If you dedicate it (Si se lo dedicas)
Post 241 Bad words (Groserías)
Post 242 The love (El amor)
Post 244 The science of love (La ciencia del amor)
Post 245 Who? (¿Quién?)
Post 246 Judgement (Juicio)
Post 247 Earth without children (Tierra sin niños)
Post 255 Monologue of the… rabious? (Monólogo del ¿Rabioso?)
Post 256 From the other side (Del otro lado)
Post 258 Destiny: Here (Destino: acá)
Post 259 Real friendship (Amistad real)
Post 260 Emotions (Emociones)
Post 261 Warmth (Calidez)
Post 262 Slave (Esclavo)
Post 263 Perfection (Perfección)
Post 264 There I go; Here I am (Allá voy; acá estoy)
Post 265 Goal (Meta)
Post 266 Rosterg
Post 267 Today will be the last time (Hoy será la última vez)
Post 268 In the lunch (En el almuerzo)
Post 325 Andersson
Post 341 Declaration (Declaración)
Post 342 Accustomed Future (Futuro Acostumbrado)
Post 343 One more tear (Una lágrima más)




see post above :slight_smile:

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See two post above :slight_smile:

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See three posts above :slight_smile:


Thank you for sharing!I needed to read some more stories by you… they make me think about many aspects of life… I like “one more tear” very much! :blush:

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And I needed share them.

It’s from my funny side jaja thank you :hugs:

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Absolutely brilliant writing skills! Keep them coming!!!

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Thanks for sharing it’s so beautiful :grin:

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Thanks guys!

The next chapter is:


The rest of the stories that are in the first post (some of Mundo Corto and all the chapter A Veces) won’t be published. Those stories are very bad and I couldn’t forgiven myself if I shared just because. I hope you understand my point.

Goodnight guys, 23:15 here.


Don’t feel bad about them, at this point you saw it different- so just see the positive side: your writing development is awesome and you are ways better now! :hugs:

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Owww you melted my heart! Thank you!! :blush: :hugs: I’ll try to upload the first story now.

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Conectado has the next titles:

  1. One More Light (Una luz más)
  2. The Tide (La marea)
  3. Lightnington
  4. Empty (Vacío)
  5. Let me, let you (Déjame, déjate)
  6. Colors (Colores)
  7. My son (Mi hijo)
  8. Are just words (Son sólo palabras)
  9. Connected (Conectado)
  10. The First Mistake (El primer error)
  11. G. M.
  12. Woman, simply woman (mujer, simplemente mujer)

Some of them you might have read before.
Links below:
One More Light: One More Light: A Short Story
Lightnington: The Christmas Thread
My son: Portraits of a Masked Mind


The Tide

As the crustaceans that adhere to the deck.
As the light that keeps shining in the most intense night.
My desire for taste your energy extends on the Cristal surface.
Your presence explodes my wild, passionate and sentimental side.
I feel guilty for not telling you before…
But the tide covers the evidence of my being.

You appeared being “another one.” I was a “stain on the sheet.”
I fought against my essence until I broke this barrier.
I smiled and recognized your existence. I went crazy and lost my logic.
I believed blindly that my perversion would fade away, but it wasn’t like that.
Whispering and yelling we met under the light of the moon
On the tide where the dead men sing their regrets and sorrows.

The game started before we knew it,
You were there, being an innocence, but depraved being;
I was still in my shell scared and of everything and everyone.
I took the reins of the game as I could and I left everything to the fate.
The tide called him, nothing he left, nor his spirit remained.
He’s gone Oh! He’s gone.
The words couldn’t save him… Maybe they even killed him.

I couldn’t rescue him, that’s why I came back to be a crustacean…
The light keep shining where he used to be
The darkness covered my life. I see you and I can’t talk to you.
That’s my curse, the wish of my heart.
Walking aimlessly I find you everywhere, majestic being…
I can’t touch your being, nor they mine.
In the end the tide took him.
No he, but me.


Como los crustáceos que se adhieren al muelle.
Como la luz que sigue brillando en la más intensa noche.
Mi deseo por probar tu energía se extiende sobre la superficie de cristal,
Tu presencia estalla mi lado salvaje, pasional y sentimental.
Me siento culpable por no habértelo dicho antes…
Pero la marea cubre la evidencia de mi ser.

Apareciste siendo “otro más.” Yo era una “mancha en la hoja.”
Peleé contra mi esencia hasta que boté esta barrera.
Sonreí y reconocí tu existencia. Enloquecí y perdí mi lógica.
Creí ciegamente que mi perversión desaparecería, mas no fue así.
Susurrando y gritando nos encontramos bajo la luz de la luna
Sobre la marea donde los muertos cantas sus penas y sus lamentos.

El juego comenzó antes de que nos diéramos cuenta,
Tú estabas ahí, siendo un ser inocente, pero depravado;
Yo seguía estando en mi caparazón asustado de todo y todos.
Tomé las riendas del juego como pude y lo dejé todo al destino.
La marea lo llamó, nada él dejó, ni su espíritu quedó.
Él se ha ido ¡Oh! Él se ha ido.
Las palabras no lo salvaron, quizás hasta lo mataron.

Yo no lo pude salvar, por eso regresé a ser un crustáceo…
La luz sigue brillando donde él solía andar
La obscuridad embargó mi vida. Te veo y no te puedo hablar.
Esa es mi maldición, el deseo de mi corazón.
Caminando sin rumbo te encuentro en todos lados, majestuoso ser…
No puedo tocar tu ser, ni ellos el mío.
Al final la marea se lo llevó, pero no a él, sino a mí.


Intriguing new stories, I enjoyed reading them! I feel like there’s a hidden meaning in Accustomed Future but I haven’t figured it out yet :sweat_smile:

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Maybe jaja. As I said once before “my readers could find things I didn’t find.” Good luck, and if you do, please let us know :slight_smile:

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This is so amazing @IronSoldier16 ! You are so talented! I love the way you write your stories! :slight_smile::ok_hand:

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I like your stories!! hope you’ll keep showing us your talent!!

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I resorted to my lines
to hide my heart,
and with him,
My sins, sadness, sorrows,
joys, fantasies,
defeats and glories
How many times I didn’t do it!

Today I confess this,
as if it were my biggest secret,
I don’t doubt that more than one
will find what I’m talking about,
nothing guarantees that
this one, doesn’t be,
other, text:


Recurrí a mis líneas
para esconder mi corazón,
y con él,
mis pecados, tristezas, penas,
alegrías, fantasías,
derrotas y glorias
¡Cuántas veces no lo hice!

Hoy confieso esto,
como si fuera mi mayor secreto,
no dudo que más de alguno
buscará de qué hablo,
sin embargo,
nada garantiza que
éste, no sea,
otro, texto: