Portraits of a Masked Mind


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I’ll read the story soon… :wink:

EDIT: read it! :blush:
Well written! From what I unerstood, the guy finally found his serenity after a last meeting… The forgiveness always bring peace to who aims for it, but I think it brings peace even to the person who gives it… I like this story! :sun_with_face:

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I didn’t really know what to make of it when I read it, but that’s a good interpretation


I have edited with the explanation of who is who, maybe it could help you all. Going to the U.


Found your new story rn- my selfreward to read it after my choires… so happy the thread goes on with a new stories bro and the title already makes my heart beat faster…

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Alright, read it and it feels like a deja vu in the first part of the story, have you published it before? The end was new for me… and I guess it’s describing a closure- I like it, the way you describe him having this thoughts circeling round and round again is very impressive. That he found his relive ite is good, feels like it could calm his spinning mind and bring peace to him - very good written bro :blush:

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No, but I shared a piece of this history with you the last year.

Thanks! :smiley:


Ok, I’m missing this topic so much. In the next days/weeks I’ll be back.


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This is a song/history that don’t belong to my book, but I think it’s the best place to publish it. It’s a song/history with a lot of emotions. I need a title, I accept suggestions.

In a side note: My intention is not make you feel sad or bad or something like that, is just a song/history that I really want to share with all of you guys.

@Honey8, @lpfan61, @AJ_7, @theearlywalker, @framos1792, @NickGr, @the_termin8r, @ashesoftime, @rickvanmeijel, @the_termin8r and everyone who wants to read it.

He was born to be our guide.
His life was full of hopes and sadness.
He always showed his heart to those who needed it.
Talk about him is talk about a soul, a heart completely human.
His voice was ours for years.
Now it’s our turn to retake our place in our own life.

His laugh was pure and sincerity
His desire was that we were happy.
And he did it, in uncountable occasions.
The day he passed away, we broken in cry
He wasn’t a terrorist, but our strength, our life, our dear best friend

We don’t know what he was thinking.
We want to think that he knew it.
And in the last seconds he said:
“I love you guys, thank you very much for everything.”

Ladies and gentlemen: Chester Bennington!

This is the history of a person that
Was more worried to help others
Than for his damn problems.

Lead singer of Linkin Park.
They’re not a rock band
Lead heart of Linkin Park.
They’re not the rock band
Linkin Park is a family!!

Even if he was sad, he always smiled at other genuinely
He shacked your hand and he always tried you like a friend of his childhood
Because he’s humble and emphatic. He’s the life of our life.
I know he is not here anymore, I don’t deny it.

But, for me, he is always here.
In my memories, in my daily life.
He isn’t gone, he stayed in our heart.
In our heads, in our souls.
Chester lives there

I won’t forget him! I won’t do!
I will remember him until my death.
Because his love lies on our hands
Chester Bennington is that angel
Walking inside our veins.

He is still around here, can you feel his voice whispering
“Love keep us kind”?
He’s still spending the days and the night with us
In our daily battles, in our celebrations.
Chester is dancing with us inside our body.
Don’t you feel it? Stop thinking on it and start to feel it!

We are a family whose wound is so big
But someday it will heal by itself.
Time to the time.
Love for the fallen soldiers.
Peace for you all.
Strengths for those who need it

Let’s hug to our broken heart
Let’s laugh about our mistakes and problems
Let’s remember to the world why Chester is still alive
Let’s makes jokes about our problems

Chester Bennington
More than a man, a human being.
Chester Bennington
More than a voice, our guide
Chester Bennington
More than a remind, a life inside ourselves.
Chester Bennington
More than a name, a living legend.

PD: Happy Birthday my loved friend :'s whenever you are now. Peace…


Really touching… but instead of make me feel bad, it makes me feel peace in my heart… I really like the vibe inside your lyric… thank you so much for sharing! :blush: :hugs:


It is deep and really touching… I write his name in google and it´s sad look his pictures… however, is good we remind him in a better way, like this one… we have to keep the good things. Thanks for share it! :star2: :sparkling_heart:


Beautiful @IronSoldier16 ! So true isn’t it though, that in everything he is still with us. He is Alive as long as we keep him in our hearts.


It’s nice to find new work from you finally- I knew from the third sentence that it’s about Chaz- very dedicated words, thank you for putting him into the spotlight once more, as the legend he is forever!

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This is really lovely brother :blush::blush:
You’ve Expressed every single word so beautifully. I don’t understand how do you and @acemasters do it with do much ease…
Happy birthday to our Angel :sparkles::confetti_ball::tada::gift:


Tbh I don’t know too jaja I like to write and sometimes I don’t know what I am writing I’m just doing it. It’s like write for write and then create a context and a history for what I wrote.

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That’s what is called talent. :green_heart::blue_heart:

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New history soon. Stay in tune.



What was I supposed to do? I loved her, and a lot. Not to be reciprocated I would kill her like that. I don’t know why you think I had something to do with it. She only told me that she was happy and, then, I found her dead, next to a picture of her mother. I called you for help and you treated me like a cowardly and hurt bitch.

I talked to her tonight, just 2 hours ago. The anger died without I touched her. I am Happiness, and sometimes I depended on her, that’s why I loved her. I knew that if she did not act first, I couldn’t take action to try to fix her disaster.

It’s not fair that you treat me like that, like a poor excuse. You two must know how to live without us; We can help you in your marriage, but not do everything for you.

Spanish version


¿Qué se supone que hiciera? La quería, y mucho. No por ser correspondido la mataría así por así. No sé por qué creen que yo tuve algo que ver. Solo me comentó que era feliz y entonces la encontré muerta, justo a una foto de su madre. Los llamé por ayuda y me tratan como a una perra cobarde y dolida.

Hablaba con ella hoy en la noche, justo hace 2 horas. La ira murió sin que yo la tocara, soy la felicidad, y a veces dependía de ella, por eso la quería. Yo sabía que si ella no actuaba primero, yo no podía entrar en acción para tratar de componer arreglar su desastre.

No es justo que me traten así, como a una excusa pobre. Ustedes dos deben saber cómo vivir sin nosotras dos; los podemos ayudar en su matrimonio, pero no hacerlo todo por ustedes.


Accustomed Future

I was returning from college when a guy approached me and with a gun in hand told me to give him the most important thing that I had with me. I only had one book so I gave it to him. He ran away from the place and I went back to my house scared.

One week after the incident I took another route and that guy found me again. It was 8:00 pm and he told me the same thing. I was just carrying another book by the same author, so I gave it to him hoping he would leave. But with the gun pointed at my head he forced me to stay with him while he read it.

Scared and with no other option, I listened to him and at midnight he let me go. I don’t know what the eagerness he had with me because every week he found me. I admit that the first 3 months were difficult because I couldn’t do anything to get away. He knew very well how to disguise.

After the year since the first time he assaulted me and more than 50 books read, he disappeared. A mixture of feelings came over me. I came to consider my friend after the fourth month (when he stopped pointing me with the gun and asked for a different book every week) and when he told me he was going to leave that life of theft I was happy. I have a feeling that he died trying to escape from that hell.

I didn’t believe that he wanted to be the president, and even more, that he won the elections. The day of the inauguration he said he was going to raise all the taxes. He fulfilled it. I suppose that people can succeed but never change their bad habits. Today he gave me an envelope with Q.25 thousand and said: “Don’t forget the other book.”


Q.25 000 are like 200 000 dollars.

Spanish Version


Regresaba de la universidad cuando un sujeto se acercó y con arma en mano me dijo que le diera lo más importante que llevase conmigo. Solo tenía un libro así que se lo di. Salió huyendo del lugar y yo volví a mi casa asustado.

A la semana del incidente tomé otra ruta y ese sujeto me encontró de nuevo. Eran las 20:00 horas y me dijo lo mismo. Solo llevaba otro libro del mismo autor, así que se lo di con la esperanza de que se fuera. Pero con el arma apuntándome a la cabeza me obligó a quedarme con él mientras que lo leía.

Asustado y sin mayor opción le hice caso y a medianoche me dejó ir. No sé cuál era el afán que tenía conmigo porque todas las semanas me encontraba con él. Admito que los primeros 3 meses fueron difíciles porque no podía hacer nada para escaparme. Él sabía muy bien cómo disimular.

Pasado el año desde la primera vez que me asaltó y más de 50 libros leídos desapareció así por así. Una mezcla de sentimientos se apoderó de mí. Lo llegué a considerar mi amigo después del cuarto mes (cuando dejó de apuntarme con el arma y me pidió un libro diferente cada semana) y cuando me dijo que iba a dejar esa vida de robo me alegré. Tengo el presentimiento de que murió tratando de escapar de ese infierno.

No creí que él se fuera a tirar para presidente, y más aún, que ganara las elecciones. El día de la toma de posesión dijo que iba a subirle a todos los impuestos. Lo cumplió. Supongo que la gente puede tener éxito pero nunca cambiar sus malas mañas. Hoy me dio un sobre con Q.25 mil y me dijo: “No olvides el otro libro.”


One More Tear

"In each lived experience there is a memory that remains dormant in the mind, until one awakens it, thus producing one more tear. Whether it’s joy or sadness, it’s there, waiting… "

Raul had waited a long time to tell Raquel how he felt about her: disgust, repudiation and hatred. The day he did it, Raquel didn’t feel anything, not a single sign of importance, she simply watched how Raúl said everything, or rather, shout at her. When he finished, Rachel let out one tear after another.

Raúl cared little and left. Out of nowhere, he heard a scream and then a loud laugh. It was Rachel crying with laughter. It turns out that Raúl had a bean peel on his teeth, and because of that, Raquel didn’t pay attention to the things that Raúl said.


“En cada experiencia vivida hay un recuerdo que permanece dormido en la mente, hasta que uno mismo lo despierta, produciendo así una lágrima más. Ya sea por alegría o tristeza ésta está ahí, esperando…”

Raúl había esperado mucho para decir a Raquel lo que sentía por ella: Asco, repudio y odio. El día que lo hizo, Raquel no sintió nada, ni un solo signo de importancia, simplemente observaba cómo Raúl decía todo, o mejor dicho, le gritaba. Cuando él acabó, Raquel soltó una lágrima tras otra.

A Raúl le importó poco y se fue. De la nada, oyó un grito y luego una carcajada sonora. Era Raquel llorando de risa. Resulta que Raúl tenía una cascara de frijol en los dientes, y por eso, Raquel no prestó atención a las cosas que Raúl dijo.