Portraits of a Masked Mind


What does that mean?


I suggest you find a better translator :joy: .


At this point I honestly think he’s trolling us


Me too. Maybe Derek or Jordan can help us.


Was about to say the same


I’d feel like sh*t if he isn’t trolling and just can’t express himself fully though
Maybe I’m being naive but if he isn’t talking crap then let him post-and again if Jordan or Derek think otherwise, so be it
He reminds me of a someone I knew at our school though…


That’s a good point, but we’d need a kind of proof that he is not trolling us.

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We understood your name ( if it’s really yours…)… please don’t spam threads like that…we’re trying to understand you, but if you don’t write whole sentences honestly we can’t… where are you from?if you don’t know English write in your language so we can find someone to help you translate it…

Anyway… @derek or @jFar920 sorry to bother you, but could you please help us understand what this guy want?


Yeah I just got a spam form him about ten minutes ago


For the last time the band name is Linkin Park


We know who you are so you don’t need to keep telling us cause you are starting to annoying the other soldiers


Bro you’re wearing thin
Putting up a pic and acting like that is low for anyone isn’t it?
I was tryna give you the benefit of the doubt but you sound less and less legit so cut the bs


Please try having more substance to your posts. It doesn’t appear that English is your first language, but that doesn’t stop others on the forum. If the language barrier is truly the issue here, consider using Google Translate


I am sorry to be late!

MONOLOGUE OF THE… RABIOUS? - Its was so nice. Like "Aye am being me! No matter whatever you think! I live for myself! And yaeh! That’s what creates me! :smiley: Well what is the meaning of rabious?

FROM THE OTHER SIDE - I liked this! Like i get that. I was a bit tricky but interesting! :wink: I am on the other side of the other side! and the other side can be aught or naught!

DESTINY: HERE - Perfect! Like while i was reading that, I was thinking in my own mind (I actually read some articles very slowly to get what it exactly want to express) That we are the one who make our own future. We think and the manifest. And you wrote the same… the person in the mirror :blush:

REAL FRIENDSHIP - Can i know what is this type of writing actually called? I liked this one because its shown fighting with ourselves. Not the demons or some happenings but ourselves. :slight_smile: This was nice. I really loved the way you started and ended it … beautifully :slight_smile:

EMOTIONS - Thats so nice story! Wow!!! yea!

WARMTH - Its about knowing when you dying and still embrace living ? I didn’t get this one…

SLAVE - Inspired by cats? :wink: :joy: jajaj!

PERFECTIONS - my favourite word! “Perfect impeerfection” I loved it ya. awesome!

THERE I GO ; HERE I AM - YES! the pain is beautiful… but my question is… what is masochistic? :confused:

GOAL - It had really great positivity! "I am so strong they cant eradicate me! " That was an awesome line :smiley:

ROSTERG - I really liked that message. Not always bad is bad and good is good. :blush: Appreciated a lot!!

TODAY WIL BE THE LAST TIME - haha! writing just for writing. Tbh something ike this will be my next post cause i am of of ideas. I don’t know how to inspire… about what should i write… well, lets see what time shows us :smile:

IN THE LUNCH - yes this is story of mostly the official lunch. People get lost in phones. I guess it was one of your articles only, or i’ve read before " I felt like the world is still so good, people pray before eating. Just then i got to know all had phones under the table, and got back to eating… " :slight_smile:

hmm… even i got. Is he doing it just for fun?

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I don’t know @Honey8

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Oh. I’ve asked him about that somewhere… hopefully he replies


He’s temporary suspended…

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Ooh. I see.


Don’t worry, you are never late, at least for me.

Like upset or angry.

Welcome to the other side of the other side of the other side of the other side jajaja that’s my mind now, in both and any side at the same time.

I’m not sure what you mean. The themetic or other thing?

Themetic: Mmm… I’d say psychological.
For the hidden message or the plot twist, I don’t remember the name.

For what I see, it’s about how those people that call themselves “your friend” trying to suck your energy even until the last second. But you are free to see beyong and believe in other better message. My stories have that freedom, you can find other message, one better for you, if you don’t like the firts one you find.

Jajajaja maybe :wink:

When you love that somebody hits you.

This! Let the words come from your heart, the time doesn’t matter now.

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Thanks. :blush::blush: Something coming in my mind… seems crazy mind will soon have a crazy idea :laughing:

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