Pier 17 show In NYC 10.13.18

42 days til the show. Went down there yesterday and the venue is beautiful. I wish I could’ve taken pics but my phone battery was so low. I did manage to take this pic thoughIMG_20180901_170855_209

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42 days, that’s it? I can’t wait!

Only 2 days left!! Whose ready?!

Hi there, not sure how this forum works, but I have an extra crossing a line VIP ticket, selling it for the normal price, $125. My friend can’t make it. anyone in need???

I’ll be there, should be interesting to see just Mike.

I will be there, too! So excited!!

Anyone got a M&G confirmation??

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I’ve seen a couple people receive their confirmations. I did not.

I got m and g for NY show omg :heart::heart:

I didn’t get a m&g for tomorrow…

But found this gentleman at times square this evening!


Anyone attending the concert in NYC, can we please get a pic of the merch they’re selling? Seen a few pix of the merch vending machines at other shows, I’m just curious of what they’re selling. Thank you!

In Montreal it was the shirts he has in his site, the flannel, Borris Socks, some pins, hats, and a tour shirt

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