One More Light (Official Video) - Linkin Park (READ DESCRIPTION)

Well said, true words! When I see how he deals with the fans, goes to them, shakes everyone’s hands and take his time. Such a unique voice and person, gone too soon!


I love this. It made me cry so much . I miss chester immensely. This video is awesome and a great way to remember him by.


You’re right. I’ve never thought, that his death would hit me like that.


I wanna go to Los Angeles soooooo bad to see LP. But I already have my airline tickets to go overseas. :frowning: :frowning: I’m happy I can visit my family overseas but if I could, I’d rather go see the LP memorial concert. To this day I cry like a baby when I hear one more light. I love that entire CD and I have to skip track 9 and go to 10. I have all 7 LP CDs and I have the reanimation and recharged CD. I’ve been asked which song is my favorite and all I can say is ALL OF THEM. There is no such thing as a bad Linkin Park song. Period. If anyone from the LP group sees this post, please please pleeeeaaassse DO NOT DISBAND THE GROUP. Continue on as you are going to do at the Los Angeles concert. Thank you. Susan Tanos from Dallas, TX. :heart_eyes::kissing_heart:


Great f***ing music video :relaxed:


This video is the best thing that happened to me , when I listen to it and I see it, I just cry ,
remembering all the people I lost this year. I Love linkin Park , I Love Chester Bennington.


Such a beautiful video! It’s amazing that one person in a band that we all love so dearly has touched so many souls in more then one way. Unfortunately only time will tell what will happen to our beloved band. What I hope for is that for every person who has been effected by Chester’s passing doesn’t forget all of the wonderful memories each and everyone of us has had whether you met him, went to a concert, heard him on radio interviews or even just listened to his voice. Chester has been loved and will forever be love by so many of us for years to come. It makes me sad that I will not get to take my daughter to a Linkin Park concert as I was planning to as she got a little older, but at least she knows who they are and sings along with their music while we drive. This Hollywood Bowl concert is a blessing from the band, I feel like it will be closure for myself and blessed to able to make it to California for the concert as I will be flying over from Boston. I really hope that the band streams it for all of you who are not able to make it. One thing I know is that we are Linkin Park fans and don’t ever forget it! Cry if you must, Sing their music loud! Dance to their bleed it out song in your dinning room like I did with my spouse. We are all human and we are allowed to hurt for Chester. Don’t forget friends…#FUCKDEPRESSION #MAKECHESTERPROUD