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Welcome by Mike would’ve fit well on this album

Very much, I like the collaborative idea in Good Goodbye’s case but as Mike said it sounds really out of the context here, Welcome fits way better and remade with the whole band would be even better.


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So, when the album first went up for pre-order, I made an incorrect statement about how the “Just Give Me Everything” box set didn’t include a CD for some reason. Well apparently I’m just an idiot and can’t read, as it states this on the website, just not as its own bullet. I was pleasantly surprised after listening to the album along side the “Global Album Listening Party” on YouTube and going through the art book as the songs progressed to see the CD sitting there.

I’m really impressed by this book. I may not be the biggest fan of the music this time around, but I love all the work and feeling they put into the album and its promotion, and I’m glad I decided to get this bundle after being on the fence about it


I put LOART 2017 version after OML, and the results were oh my goodness! I ended up crying.

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This albums has put me through a whirlwind of emotions! Listening to it the first time I was too taken aback by the music sounding so different to even pay attention to the lyrics or the singing. Listening to it a few more times I think the music really sunk its roots in.
I think the main reason I’ve loved LP for years and years is because they made music that was instrumentally incredible and lyrically incredible. I will agree that I think instrumentally this album did not appeal to me as much, because what I love about LP is how phenomally complex their sound can be. I think for that reason A thousand suns is one of my favorite albums. I remember listening to it on repeat for months after release, then seeing them live on the thousand suns tour and years later I’m still in absolute awe of how shakingly complex purely the music can be. In that sense I did find that instrumentally this album didn’t sink in as much as the others.
However lyrically, this album may just some of their best work yet. I have the utmost respect for them for showing the kind of vulnerability they have in this album. You can hear the emotions running high through each track. I think this album is a collection of stories most people can relate to. That’s where my comfort lies. Linkin Park’s music had carried be through the best and the worst of times for over 10 years of my life. Each song, each album has found a special place in my life and this album has too. Yes, I do miss the complexity and intensity of their old music, but i respect them for putting out an album with music that was so personally reflective and so emotionally raw. In a way I feel like maybe this album was almost therapeutic, helping them deal with all the events and situations that inspired the songs on this album. I think over time, this album may just be the same for me as well.
Finally, I think that regardless of what the studio album sounds like, the songs will be quite different live. Atleast a few of them anyway, will probably sound a bit heavier live, and I absolutely can not wait to see them! I remember not being a fan of “heavy” but watching the live versions, damn!! Purely shaking with excitement to see some of the tracks on this record live!


Watched this in the library revising for finals! Bad idea, I was shook!! This performance was incredible beyond words… the pure emotion had me in tears! I can not wait to see it live :heart::heart::heart:

I got 2 CD’s for mine but I didn’t get my vinyl copy yesterday. Does anyone know why?

Literally exact same feelings <3 Sorry For Now stands out most for me


Me: I have to take the break and stop listening to this album over and over again for so many days
Another me: maybe just one more time


Ha! Hahahahahaha hahahahahaha ha muwhahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Ha! Got mines yesterday :sunglasses:

That being said…I still have to listen to two more songs…I don’t have a cd playing…had to wait until today to listen to it.

I think I am thinking too far into this album. I only know two really good and those two are my favorites. Ironic that I was on the fence about BS and now it’s one of my favorites now along with Heavy. Invisible is getting there, I love Mike’s voice.

I tell everyone else that LP experiments on different albums but on their last albums it was rockish but this one wasn’t. So that’s what gets me. Yeah, mike doesn’t rap that much, yeah but he was singing.

Right now I’m listening to a country song. Christian Kane is amazing. I can listen to other music just fine. It’s going to take me awhile to get used to this album. This is the only LP album I am finding to have to get used to. I feel like a bad fan but I’m still rocking the new LP. I still have a butt load of stickers and I got my pin and my shirt on :3

Just gotta take it show


The first part of what you said made my eyes widen, I feel that way. They always make amazing instrumental thingies. Breaking the freaking habit is amazing and because of the lyrics, the strings, the everything. The lyrics on this album are amazing, it’s just the sound that is throwing me off.

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One more light is depressing. After this week and Chris Cornell passing away… thanks LP


"This is not black and white
There’re no clear solutions"


What did you order?