"One More Light" Mega-Topic, Out Now!

It was confirmed during an interview but I can’t see to find it at the minute. I’ll let you know when I can.

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That would be wonderful I would appreciate that.

Hope there is a link to the article. Maybe you can transcribe it. I love to read that interview.

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Here comes the hardest part, finding it! :wink::laughing:
Hopefully I can find it, i know I saw it!

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If it were up to me, and time travel was possible, I would’ve tried to talk him out of it. Cause I loved him since day one. Not just his voice, his generosity, sense of humor etc. All of us have had problems growing up, but things pass. I would’ve told him "All of us wanna help you, etc. " I would tell him to think about his kids, And I would’ve suggested they and the family and bandmates take a trip to India, cause I know that alot of fans over there wanted to meet them. Maybe then he would still be here. Look I’m still in denial, and I wanted this to be a fake story too. It’s just gonna take me a long time to heal from what happened, especially since I had just met him three years ago.

It’s ok. The time will help you and you will heal soon. Time is the best medicine in such cases.

Great then!! Embrace the memory and move on. Those are one of the best memories of your life. There are people who haven’t met the band yet. Feel lucky that you did. Make this memory as your strength. I know you will soon be okay. :slight_smile:


Good advice I will. :slight_smile:

The best we can do is remember the good times. We have 7 albums of music, plus LPU demos and other works of theirs. Listening to his work has helped me, although some things are really haunting. We can get through this!


and don’t forget the band’s ‘inextinguishable love’ for making music. I’m sure we’ll hear more of them, in one way or another


It’s okay raz7, take your time. I’m sure you’ll find it.

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I can’t see LP without Chester either. It’s like Bert without Ernie.

I’m still trying to look. Don’t worry, as soon as I see it, I’ll share it to you! :wink:

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I hope that they release the next LPU with full songs from the One More Light as the band said that they got a lot of songs.


They could release songs that could show Chester’s legacy throughout the years of the band.

I feel so sorry for the band members and their families. It’s been over a month but it comes back to me when I wake up. My thoughts and prayers still goes out to them every single day! :heart::sob:


Coincidentally on LPLive they are discussing the same thing. I’m not too sure how I’d feel about that. I’m a big fan of Chester’s voice but to hear him again knowing he recorded it while he was still alive… I don’t know


They said that most of the songs started off acoustic so I’d love 10 acoustic songs :smiley: Like Mike singing Heavy on piano in the teasers



Beautiful, but upsetting cause he’s gone now. Anyway how are things? Whenever you post something and come here I consider it a blessing.

I was looking at a video of them doing goodgoodbye and mike and chester was practicing the song . Before they made the video

I’m not sure if that cover art is fake or real, but it sure looks nice

Update from Mike!