"One More Light" Mega-Topic, Out Now!

Maybe this was supposed to be on youtube as teaser, as how the video is edited and looks. But maybe they didn’t put it out on Youtube bcoz it’s already leaked.


It’s happening :smiley:


Either wait for midnight in your area, or use a VPN, in order to listen:


Found the song on youtube

(Finally made into gif)

I think Lorenzo is trying to tell us that OML is Mike’s Try The Ketchup Motherf**ker Part II


I think these songs were written with Jon Green, cause there’s JG written on the right


Yeap, his name is on Genius.


@samuel_the_leader I don’t see it on my Spotify I got hyped for no reason :disappointed_relieved:

So, people who hasn’t heard the song yet, What do you think about this snippet? :slight_smile:

It’s kind of what I expected, but I’m really eager to hearing Chester sing this song.

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can anybody translate the spanish parts by Brad?

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Sure :smiley:

Brad: “We don’t tried to build up a concept album, we only tried to write very honest and personal songs…”

How much did it take to make One More light?:
Brad: “We were working on music for, it seemed like two years, but really, probably it was a year and a half, and we wrote almost close to 70 songs, and from 10 of One More Light, two of them are our favourites…”

Why all of lyrics are so dark?:
(Brad answered in english)

How’s the album called in spanish?:
Brad: “One More Light” (Una Luz Maz)

Brad: “Heavy its a good introduction of the album, cause it has something that represents…the album in terms of sound…”

How it was to work with Kiiara for the first single, Heavy?:

(Joe answers in english)

Are you going to donate One More Light’s earnings?:
(Brad answers in english )

What was the best of making music twenty years ago?
(Joe answers in english )

"Hello, its Brad! and this is José (Joe in spanish) from Linkin Park, we want to say thank you so much to all the people visiting Schock.Co in Colombia… " (Then he sings one, two, three as Joe makes noises)

wow thanks! :smiley:

I just listened to the 30 second preview, I couldn’t resist haha
Now I’m freaking hyped

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My reaction was the same like this guy lol I felt the song like him

SPOILER btw here’s the rest of the song!

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Am I the only one that’s not going to listen to any other song until the album comes out?


As @Im_Normal said, I’ll stop here, two singles are good for me, besides, this is an official release now.

Now pray for me to resist with the others :sweat_smile:

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I caved in and bought the $150+ “Give Me Everything” bundle thing, even though it doesn’t come with a CD and I don’t have a record player. Guess I’m buying the CD later, too

The free Heavy download was also an MP3. Wish it was a WAV considering there’s no CD included


Yeah, 2 singles is the right point for me for any album. It gives a nice expectation without hearing too much. That’s what I recommend for all of you, but if you can’t wait then do as your heart desires. Just know that the album release will be less interesting and fun for you.

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They posted another teaser with Phoenix doing the bassline, I knew the whole band played here.