"One More Light" Mega-Topic, Out Now!

MTM Pop… :laughing:

It looks even more simple, that’s a fashion with logos nowadays, thiner typhography, minimalist look, etc.
But that’s the point here, to make it fit aesthetically with the album style. Something softer, lighter, you know.
We can say the former logo was the midle point of Linkin Park evolution now.

From thick and heavy logo as Nu Metal,
then something more futurist and direct as their electronic alternative phase,
to this new light logo as the indie pop influence that is already coming.

I hope I am wrong and they include some new and not too pop elements and not make the album very light at all.

Im also afraid they change their font for the name too, but I know I’ll get used as I did with the other ones xd

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Thw new logo is a bit strange, but I like it. Coincides with the new typography used in the teasers (which looks nice) and really marks the new era. For some reason remembers me the EXO logo :joy:

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It’s gonna be a hell of a great day today! See you tonight on Plug DJ for those who are coming


Can anyone pls help me with what plug dj is?

plug.dj is a website where you can watch YouTube videos (and listen to SoundCloud together). Some of us here are planning to listen to Heavy together when it comes out. Our plug.dj room topic is here if you wanna know more


Wait. Did LP change the time of release? It says 12PM La time in the eighth clip.

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Like a lot of us guessed, LP is going to perform live today during their FB live stream.


Really looking forward to it now :grin:

Is the actual single being released today or just a live performance? Also I don’t have any real social media platforms like Facebook so I won’t be able to catch the live performance.

I cant watch the live stream at that time. Does anyone know, if it is possible to watch the stream later?

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You probably wont need a facebook account to watch the live stream.

The live stream will be available to watch afterwards also

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Just signed up in fb for the sake of watching the live stream.
So is the single going to be out before the special live event or no?

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Probably not before the live event, but who knows? I assume it’ll be officially released either after or tomorrow. Because on Genius it said released the 17th of February

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New single “Heavy” ft. Kiiara will be released today, February 16 at 7,00am PST. Live show on facebook is scheduled for 12,00pm PST.

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Will it be instantly available on youtube at 7 AM PST?

Album ‘One More Light’ confirmed to be released May 19th! It’s also a song! Minute: 24:10

PD: LP’s first title track.


Is the song gonna be instantly available on Youtube?

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Sad to hear the meaning of the song but i think that it was amazing for the band to play live at the company meeting with ‘One More Light’. It shows how much support they show for each of their team members and not just within the band. :heart:

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Pre-order time :wink: