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Hey, what’s up? October Evans here. I wanted to share with you all some of my works that I’ve done over the years in previous bands/side projects (I’ve been in a total of 7 bands and only one rap group), and I figured I also would share some demos/lyrics here and there from time to time as a “unofficial” exclusive behind-the-scenes content-sharing incentive for all of y’all to enjoy in the hopes of building a stronger, more committed and loyal fanbase all around the world.

In the coming months and years ahead (assuming the LPU forums will be around for a long time), I will be posting behind-the-scenes content, lyrics, demos and original versions of my music, and from time to time, I’ll share links. Earlier I posted a song in The Barracks, which you can all check out over there and send constructive critiques to that particular song, because I felt it was good, but not perfect yet, and needed some input from y’all to help me construct the lyrics in a better way before I take it to record the song for it (instrumental tracks, vocals and all) soon, so in the meantime, I’ll go ahead and post a sneak peek of one of the songs that’s yet to be released on a upcoming album, and it’s called “Decide to Live”, which is about drug/alcohol addiction and recovery mostly, and it might be triggering for some of you, so a heads up/content warning just in case.

Enjoy the lyrics, and feel free to check out my work a little further by visiting my official website that I will link below. And yes, this will be the only place I’ll post everything here in one topic thread, rather than in multiple posts, so that y’all can easily track it and reply here rather than looking for a million posts to find something LOL. Additional note: I am not a Christian or subscribe to any religion - I’m spiritual, so please don’t take the lyrics about to be displayed below as some sort of “Christian Rock” drug/alcohol recovery bullshit anthem song, because it’s not. I really hate organized religion - no offense. Oh, and I’m a trans/genderqueer musician so my pronouns are she/her/they/them - nice to meet y’all!

“Decide to Live”
Lyrics written by October Rain Evans
Music by October Rain Evans, Vanessa Lacey, Dylan Williams, Lily Jane Anderson and Shawn Anderson
Soon to be Mixed, Edited, Produced and Recorded at Chiaroscuro Music Studios in Vermont
Trans Mad Genius Lyrics/sadistsateme.songwriting/October Evans Music [BMI/ASCAP]
© ℗ 2019 October Evans, Uprising Music Collective. All Rights Reserved.

[Verse 1]:
Even if this is your rock bottom
Even if this is your fall from grace
Even if this sounds like a lonely anthem
Even if there’s tears rolling down your face
Remember that I was just like you
Fucked up and lost in all that we live through
Trapped in the past until there’s a breaking point
There’s a better way to live without leaving this world

So decide to live
Learn a new way to forgive
Let go of pain tearing you down
Decide to live
Don’t let go of the heart you give
Breathe without toxic people bringing you down
It’s time to decide to live or fade away

[Verse 2]:
I’ve been drunk and addicted
I’ve been bleeding and broken
I’ve ran away from home and nearly died
There were dark days when I didn’t feel alive
I’ve done it all and some mistakes I made
Don’t let this be the bed you made
Don’t repeat the history that I’ve written
There’s a new way to be alright without the demons


Overdose and split from reality
Awaken to find your true family
Fall apart and rise up again
You’ve been face to face with the Darkness
Show me that smile you used to wear
Don’t give in to your Post Traumatic nightmares
Learn to be okay even if you’re not okay
Every day is ever-changing so stay
It won’t always be like this
It won’t always be like this
Addictions we no longer need
Vices that’s haunted you and me
We’re in the same shoes we’ve been walking in
Just remember
Just remember
Just remember
I was just like you cutting into the skin I used to bleed my life away
So this is it: decide to live or fall away!!!


[Outro Verse]:
This is our rock bottom
This is our lonely anthem
This is what we’ve been through
This is what life is all about
This is what we face that we can live without
I hope this song will help you
I’ve been where you’ve been, alone and dying
You can decide to live if you choose to breathe again…


P.S., a note about this particular song - this was inspired by a quote that I heard from Amelia Shepherd (a character on the popular TV show called Grey’s Anatomy) and eventually that one particular line she said on a episode while trying to save a teenager who overdosed during that mass opioid overdose crisis they had in said episode (this happened in Season 15 this year - highly recommend that you watch it), and that’s when I came up with the lyrics for this song - it’s currently in the demo stages of the songwriting/recording process as we’re playing around with some instrumental ideas we were recording rough takes on in the last 3 months, and it’s nearly coming together.

Anyways, as promised, y’all can support my life’s works as a trans/genderqueer musician by visiting my official website (just click here to be taken to my website) - it also has various links of my work on the website, such as my Spotify artist page, my iTunes/Apple Music artist page, my Patreon and Bandcamp fanclub platforms, and various social media platforms that I’m on as well - you can click on each link on said website by visiting the colorful social media icons on the intro page of said website, and also, you’re welcome to enter the website by going to the “Enter Site” button of that page and view my blog, listen to more of my music, watch my videos, subscribe to the official mailing list and more features you can explore! I’ll eventually be starting a similar message forum page like what y’all have got going on here on the LPU Barracks forum for the website, so that y’all can chat and do similar cool shit like this there at some point soon.

October Evans.


Welcome @octoberevansmusic to the LPU as a fellow lyricist, I look forward to seeing more of your works

I like this song Decide To Live and will be checking out the site and other works in due course

Once again welcome to the LPU and be sure to check out the many other lyricist roaming the platform

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Welcome to the LPU @octoberevansmusic nice to see we have another lyric writer here I really enjoyed your work can’t wait to see more form you


Hey, what’s up everyone? Thanks for all the love being showered here. I promised I’d be back to update this periodically, so here’s another song I’ve been working on in the studio lately, and I wanted your honest constructive critiques to see if it needs improvement. Now, technically, I already posted it in the other discussion thread as a standalone topic because I needed some critiques to see if it needed to be improved, and unfortunately, I was a wee bit worried about how some part of the song was too long, and could affect my plans to record it all the way through within a time limit that I had in mind, so let’s review the lyrics for a song called “Crazy/Beautiful Post Traumatic Depression” - again, a working title, and I wanna try to shorten it or retitle it to something else. Enjoy!

[Verse 1]:
Reliving, retraumatized
Try forgetting, but I’m dead inside
Just drifting in and out of dissociation
Living on the edge of a broken mental health system
Transphobic you are
Racist you are
Xenophobic you are
Fucking ableist you are
When will you open your fucking eyes to help me and everyone?

This place right here
in the skull between my ears
A bad neighborhood I don’t wanna walk alone in
This place right here
in the Darkness of my subconscious fears
Years of pain forced to stuff deep down within
What I’d give to be alive
Rather than having wasted days gone by

[Verse 2]:
No cures, only addictive tortures
Swallow bitter pills that doesn’t work
World passing by, people walk through me
Ignored my cries, so I hide my face and sleep
Queerphobic you are
Misogynistic you are
Fatphobic you are
Fuking oligarch-controlled you are
When will you realize that we’ll destroy Big Pharma that controls your broken system?


No pills, fuck your apathy
Time for the system to embrace radical change
No institutional abuse, fuck conversion therapy
Time to free our minds from these asylum cages
No water torture, fuck your shock therapy
Time for the doctors to suffer like we did
This is your last chance to convert to the progressive revolution
I fucking challenge you to live my life and learn empathy!

We are not your kind!
To the norms we are not confined!
There’s no binary, only the non-binary!
There’s no cis heterosexuality, only open minded sexuality!
There’s no transphobia, only transgender rebel souls!
There’s no stigma, only inclusive disabilities!
Fuck your narcissistic blaming!
Fuck your mental health shaming!
We are not your kind!
We are not your kind!
We are the motherfucking future!

[Chorus] x2

You’re just wasting me and my crazy/beautiful days away
In the revolution inevitable, there’ll be hell to pay
Your sadistic methods no longer will be my downfall
Your Nazi Amerikan corporate healthcare system will crumble as we tear down the walls
Your days are fucking numbered!
Your days are fucking numbered!
Your days are fucking numbered!
Your days are fucking numbered!
Tomorrow, we’ll finally see a better world
Where mental health, disability, sexuality, addiction and gender identity is no longer stigmatized…


Anyways, thanks again for supporting me still, and if you all prefer a affordable fanclub platform to subscribe to all my official updates, get behind-the-scenes exclusive content, studio and tour vlog webisodes, new original music, homemade demos, watch live acoustic shows and more, you can join me on Patreon - I also post lyrics there too! It’s all yours for just $1 a month, so check it out by going to the link that you can click highlighted here.

I’ll be back with more lyrics and cool updates to come.

Namaste and Blessed Be,
October Evans.

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Thanks for the warm welcome! Also, in terms of offering to write instrumental music for you, I’d be happy to give either a very affordable discount or offer to do it for free and we’d just split the songwriting credits and you keep all the checks that comes to you via direct deposit from iTunes/Apple Music, Spotify, etc.

Besides, I love helping out as many aspiring musicians as I can, whatever style of music or project they envision to have in mind. We need more musicians in this mad cold world to light the way.

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Awesome - looking forward to sharing a lot with you and everyone else.


That’s very nice of you! :smile: :star_struck:

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Well thank you very much. @octoberevansmusic and it would be my pleasure to work with you

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Feel free to PM me and I’ll shoot you my email address and we’ll come up with some cool shit together.

In the meantime, I’m gonna post on Twitter some quick updates regarding my new music and promote my Spotify, iTunes/Apple Music, my YouTube channel, etc. - gotta get more fans/subscribers to support my work and grow the fanbase, and to see if anyone will be subscribing $1 a month on Patreon to help me have a sustainable source of income to continue to afford my touring/studio expenses and not have to worry about taking out loans anymore to record an album or go on tour or make a music video every time. LOL.


Can I have your email address to discuss things further in private

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I want it too

Wouldnt mind splitting the credit :blush:

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I think that’s fair I am in

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What I would do is if you post a song on here that has a certain amount of profanity i would put a censorship on it

The song in question has a Cross Off vibe to it

I would rename the song
No Cure For The Narrow Minded

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Thank you @acemasters but my break is over so will talk more later


Not a bad title… I could probably play around with it. And yeah, it had a Cross Off vibe to it for sure; I was also attempting a touch of Slipknot/Stone Sour to meet the Cross Off vibe to see what comes of it, and I’ll send you a message soon.

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Oh I just realized that there’s no option to send a private message to give y’all my e-mail address.

I suppose you can just get it here at OctoberEvansMusic@protonmail.com - looking forward to chatting with you @StephLP18 and @acemasters


Sounds great @octoberevansmusic

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@octoberevansmusic just sent you an email

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Hey, what’s up, everyone? October here.

I’m sorry to announce that I gotta shut down my laptop for the night until I find my laptop charger that my friend accidentally misplaced.

With that being said, you will all have to wait until either tomorrow or in a few days (as I’m flying back to Vermont to record the new songs and prepare for surgery as well on May 1st) for me to share more updates, lyrics, music links and cool behind-the-scenes content here.

See y’all later next time!



Oh, and don’t forget to sign up for the official mailing list and subscribe/follow me on all social media platforms that you can find here on my official website. Until then, stay tuned for more details to come in a few days or so.