Not Battle of the Songs, Closed

I’ve decided to close this, as I kinda botched it. @acemasters will be doing something similar soon, and I will eventually make something kinda similar, but not anytime soon, and better thought out.

Since @acemasters kinda disappeared after making his topic the other day, and I was interested by it, I’m going to attempt to do what I think he was going to do himself.

So, essentially, we as a community are going to decide what the best Linkin Park songs are, not all at once, but by album, two a week. Once a week passes, that week’s polls will close and new albums will be added. You may vote for two songs (it’s hard to pick your favorites sometimes). The top two songs of each album will move on to the eventual final round. In the event that there’s a tie, a mini poll will be put up alongside the next week’s polls.

Here’s a rundown of the songs that will be included…

  1. All official studio songs, remixes included. No fan remixes.
  2. No intros, interludes, or anything similar. I know how much everyone loves Empty Spaces, but it doesn’t count.
  3. No live songs. This list would never end otherwise.
  4. No demos of completed songs, such as Mike’s version of Breaking the Habit.
  5. Bonus songs and B-sides are included, like High Voltage and No Roads Left.
  6. One off songs like She Couldn’t or Dedicated will get their own “album” at the end.

At the moment, I’m unsure what we should do about most LPU songs. Songs QWERTY like Across the Line are for sure going to make it, but I don’t know if we should included hardly finished songs. Mmm… Cookies will probably not be included because I feel a lot of people might vote for them as a joke.

Without any further expiation, let the battle begin!

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Week One: Hybrid Theory vs. Meteora

*October 1st - October 7th* Don't forget you can vote for **TWO** songs in each album!

Winners: In the End, Faint, Breaking the Habit*

*Second Hybrid Theory song to be decided, see Week Two!

Hybrid Theory

[poll type=multiple min=1 max=2 name=hybridtheory] - Papercut - One Step Closer - With You - Points of Authority - Crawling - Runaway - By Myself - In the End - A Place for My Head - Forgotten - Cure for the Itch - Pushing Me Away - My December - High Voltage [/poll]


[poll type=multiple min=1 max=2 name=meteora] - Don't Stay - Somewhere I Belong - Lying from You - Hit the Floor - Easier to Run - Faint - Figure.09 - Breaking the Habit - From the Inside - Nobody's Listening - Session - Numb [/poll]

@TriplXero great job done Jordan, I´ve totally respect of how easy it is for you to bring up a voting poll, congrats & thanx, you´re great :kissing_closed_eyes:

I am in the lead :3


Hi @intheend, forgetting everything? :dancers:?

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Yes I will return for my version of battle of the songs very soon
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Once ive done that i need to figure out how to do a poll on here

Yup, how do we do a poll?

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OT Sorry that @intheend & me were off Topic, but it wasn´t planable and it had to being done, thanx for your cpmprehension WE ARE LPU

On the state of this game, if you call it that, itself, since @acemasters said he will return, I will keep this going since it’s not the same as his idea, but I’m going to change the name of the topic since it’s his name (once I think of a non-cheesy name, that is). Anyways…

Week One has finished, Week Two will be up soon! Along with the Week Two polls, there will be another, smaller Hybrid Theory poll, as there was a five way tie!

The current winners are In the End, Faint, and Breaking the Habit, but like I said, another Hybrid Theory will be added once the tie is sorted out! Really surprised Faint won over Numb.

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