Battle Of The Songs: Meteora League Fixture 1

Piece of cake

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Starting easy on this one @acemasters. Lol

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Oh lookie
Session got a vote :joy::joy::joy:

The ACFTI person is looking for vengeance :stuck_out_tongue:


Something died inside of me when I chose one over the other.


Hey @acemasters I’ m NOT at Home try To fix the 1.CALLING on Meteora this ev in Hotel with notebook! I’m not used to post on mobile :eyes::cyclone:

No worries

There is only one vote in it on matches 1 and 2

So I had some free time. Only 150 copies re-printed. Includes a LPU centrefold.

[OT: Original artwork is from Deviantart, and the font used in the title is Master of Break]


This was the hardest set of votes so far, but I also accidentally missed 2 or 3 groups on the last album

Also, if you want, you can use the image I made in your topics for more visual appeal. When you link the topic elsewhere, it will show the image, too!

(Linking for example)


That is really cool
Thanks :slight_smile:

It won’t let me download it
Could you email it to me?

You should be able to embed it just with this link, but I can still email it if you need

I will try embedding first on the next fixture
If not I will ask if you can email it again

And thanks again

It’s really awesome

Like that



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24hrs left people

If you voted
Get your friends to vote
If they voted
Get their friends to vote

If no new votes come in the next few hrs or so i will close the poll and move onto the next fixture

I can’t believe HTF beat ETR.

Because it’s the better song.

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didn´t even got that Jordan gave the new dunno how this called, battle of the songs pic, thank you, that´s community sense lol but you ever did it this way lol @TripleXero, such a nice guy…:relaxed: