Next Tour of LP / Where they should have to play a show

For me in Germany (not only RAR)

I would like to see a show in South Africa (Capetown, Cape Town Stadium). They have never played a show there. (Waiting for the end was on the 2. Place in charts xD).

Where do you want to see them life next Tour?

in Finland of course :’)

I didn´t expect that [lol]

I, personally, think they should tour through the small country’s in Europe. There are so, so many dedicated fans out there and who can’t afford to go to Germany, England, Spain ect to see them.

They skipped The Netherlands on the last Europa tour, I really hope they’re coming to The Netherlands this time.

Czech Republic :slight_smile:

Maybe Brno like 2008 :wink: Or Prague

Germany would be ok for me :smiley:

Well of course North America and the main parts of Europe are a given. Germany, England, France and Italy are probably the 4 most common european country’s they tour in.

They should come back to New Zealand, I didn’t go last time they were here.

Hope they will come to Canada…or at least, in the east northern USA :slight_smile:

Savannah, Georgia or Jacksonville, Florida. Since I never ever seen Linkin Park in concert and I really really want to see them in concert. These two cities are close to me, lol

hopefully back in perth,but anywhere in oz will do. Good excuse for a holiday[lol]

Given that they’ve only been to Norway once, and the fact that Brad and Mike says it’s the prettiest country they’ve visited and the loudest crowd they’ve ever played, I’m ofc waiting for them to come back here soon!!

luxembourg xD but i doubt they will come here, so i hope for germany, france and belgium :slight_smile:

Their hometown of course; LOS ANGELES. [rolleyes]

Greece, cause I’m from there xD

But seriously, Africa and India! They should go to India, they have tons of fans there!

They will add other Germany dates, they always have, no doubts about that…
India would be nice. They’ve never been there.
A Summit in Benelux/France/Germany/UK might be sweet!
Wish they would come to Belgium again, but I don’t think they would do that this year because they’ve been here last summer, before that it’s been ten years… Maybe we’ll be lucky and they’ll do a headlining show here.

They skipped Belgium in 2007 while they were at Pinkpop NL[smile]

Same Germany is a must hopefully near Munich!!!
PLUS a summit in Germany would be AMAZING :slight_smile: If possible near Munich again^^