New Years Resolutions

Similar to Christmas thread but for New Years. I’ve scoffed at coming up with something you’ll forget a month in lol… However with so many hardships/changes in life this year it’s actually been on my mind to set some goals/resolutions. Anyone else consider these? If so, what kinds are you guys setting for yourselves? Other topics-things you’ll gladly leave behind with 2017, things you’re already planning 2018

For me 2016 was crushing, 2017 was life pounding me to what better be bottom, i refuse to let 2018 be anything remotely close to the past two years so I’m revving to start anew


OT: from the creator of “the christmas thread” comes to you: Valentine’s day and other Holidays Jaja

I like your idea dude. Tbh I’ve not planned well what I want to do this 2018, but some plans are:

  1. Come back to the University.
  2. Release the EP with my bro.
  3. Keep working where I am actually.
  4. Publish my book.
  5. Go to Germany.
  6. Looking for another psychologist.
  7. Be better playing the keyboard and speaking English.
  8. Learn to sing, listen to, create songs (or its base) and other languages.
  9. Have a girlfriend.

No in that order.


Hey hey hey Valentine’s Day wouldn’t work unless your advertising yourself like if on a dating site :stuck_out_tongue: lol
:thinking: easter:what are you sinners repenting about?!


Jajaja don’t remind me that I’m alone jajaja :’( jaja

No have sinned before jajaja
Being serious: no joined here before.

Lol the Easter one was hypothetical :stuck_out_tongue:
And you’re not the only single one so don’t feel alone lol that’s actually one resolution I’m debating… I’ve avoided it but maybe it’s time :expressionless:

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I will get the house empty as far as I can, to move houses as fast as possible, my new years plan


OT: Enjoy be single :wink: Jajaja


My resolution has been an oxymoron for several years now. My resolution is not to make one.


Valentines’s Day thread sounds like a cool idea… :heart_eyes::kissing_heart: ahaha

That is an ambition list! We will need a “how did your new years resolutions go?” thread next year… haha


Hi, I['m Aaran. I like Linkin Park. I like long walks on the beach. :zipper_mouth_face::joy:


That is the absolute last place I will ever go. Even if you granted me infinite money.


:joy::joy: lmao- but a kinda like… how is it going with your plans thread would be nice indeed, and good luck @framos1792:joy::muscle:t2::grin::+1:t2:

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It’s a pretty standard, and quickly quit upon resolution, but I’d like to lose some weight, or at least be more active. I’m not going to bother getting a gym membership or anything like that because I know it’d be a waste, I think just getting better eating habits and being outside more will be enough. I love disc golfing and I think I only went twice this year. I got a portable disc golf basket for Christmas so I can practice in my yard now if I want, as well.

The biggest problems with these types of resolutions is that the year starts off so crappy, here in Wisconsin at least. It’s supposed to be -20 degrees out next week, it’s hard to fight the urge to buy a bunch of junk food and sit in a warm bed all day.

Also need to make sure I stay on top with my forum badge, starting with trying to get this one: Devotee badge on Linkin Park / LPU Forums


I have 3

Be able to deal with my mean professor

Continue writing songs

Get a part time job

I lived in Green Bay until I was 11 and it was cold no l live and Ohio and people think 15 degrees is super cold but to Green Bay winters that’s warm hope you have a warm coat and hats and gloves because that’s cold enough to get frostbite in about ten minutes

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And the place where i would never go…

I’ll try for that one too! :blush:

My new year resolution!! :smiley::smiley:

I’ll think and post later lol. :sweat_smile:I am so damn busy with studies and stuff. Will be there with mine soon . Tho i dunno if I’ll make one…so will see :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’m not used to make resolutions each year but I hope this will happen in 2018:

  • going to a music festival (because it’s been a while I didn’t take time for it)
  • keep running at least once a week
  • travelling to London :heart: , Canada and maybe Norway
  • getting my driving licence
  • moving in a new apartment to begin a new life

For my new years resolution . Is to Continue to helpsomeone in need try to get my health issues Under control not letting thing get to me. Always let my lp family know what going on in my life before I do something bad


I hope to find more time on my bike this year. After some long work days in the summer, I’ll often find myself just sitting on the couch watching the Yankees, or browsing YouTube, and I’ll have just enough time at the end of the night to make a lunch for the next day, and get to bed. I just have to keep pushing the envelope, and have that be something to look forward to night in and night out (unless it storms).

I used to walk down the street to the basketball court and shoot around in my free time as a kid. I haven’t been doing that as much as I’d like, but that’s also something I can improve on.

I also need to stop being afraid of what the world outside of my mind thinks. I know it’s easier said than done, but I’d like to start taking steps to better living my life the way that I want to.

I’ve often thought of trying for the devotee badge, too. But I also know I won’t be able to attain that, simply because of the fact that my dad and I can go camping for two, maybe three days at a time, and I love unplugging from everything during our trips (not that there’s any reception where we go, anyhow).

I’m ready for 2018.


I don’t have much of a resolution, although I can say I’m going to work on making time in my life for everyone I love, and not just a select few. It’s time to focus on the people that make my life great and not so much on one or two specific individuals