New Remix "Grand Paradise" by Mike Shinoda!

There is only one!!! D:<

We like to say crap a lot. I still don’t get the jingle reference.

Yeah, I’ve heard a lot of jingles and they are rarely dark like this track or “Fine”. Maybe we are getting old and out of sync with the young’uns and all their generic chart crap :roll_eyes: haha

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Maybe, I’m def old… I’ve said it before, the guys aren’t that much older than me. I read other peoples posts other places & when they started listening to the guys. Some were 3 yrs old when ATS came out and my jaw drops! Maybe it’s just bc their parents are playing it? Idk. :purple_heart:


Wow i’m surprised how disliked mike’s stuff is here. How can you not connect on over again or prove me wrong or any of those great tracks???:heart_eyes::grin:i mean,i’m almost crying when i listen to Place to start or over again,bc it’s so personal and you can feel his pain… i don’t think at all he wants to “have his shot getting back to mainstream”(also: back? Do you mean bc of OML? Or when did you see LP mainstream?) I’m just glad we here something from him(i like the new stuff as well) and that he keeps making music! Imagine he would dissapear from the music world and this connection to lp was gone…:open_mouth:


Don’t mind them… They have no taste… Some people just keep stuck in the past…


Reading this thread made me wonder why all the different opinions can’t stand uncommented beside each other-

would be cool if not always somebody thinks they have the wisdom and judge the opposite optinions… there is no wrong or right :four_leaf_clover: since it’s a question of taste it’s only logical that some like it more than others…


Amen :grin:

I won’t bite on a “super fan” wanting to push opinions to prove something

Considering today for me-I’ve been here three years because of my love for the band, been to mike show every chance he’s been in a 200mile radius from me, splurged on my most expensive ticket because it was him- yyyyeah I’d say I like him and his music

I actually really liked OML, I liked a fair share of songs on PT because they’ve hit home at various points on life,
Not the slightest remorse saying I don’t like the past 2 tracks :upside_down_face:
Again, kudos for your opinions :grin: just not my cup of tea orrrr…coffee if I’m the git American lol

Ah as for my mainstream comment-idk how it is in Europe but aside from the radio play here and there due to an anniversary etc, LP isn’t played anymore
Heavy played for a couple months (their push to get back)
Minutes to midnight on back, they were on every half hour, every hour
I spent my high school nights just laying outside listening to shadow of the day, new divide, bleed it out on occasion

They fell out of mainstream radio play afterwards at least in my area ergo my belief or view that this is a push to get back in

Fine was on Sunday night football right away lol I mean…

As I said, keep stewing or boiling under the surface if you’d like :wink: or cheers for your views :grin:


Amen :joy::sweat_smile::hugs:


@framos1792 @theearlywalker
Isn’t the whole point of a forum exacly to state one’s opinion and to discuss about it. And commenting is a part of a discussion. It’s not the same as arguing. But without different views one can’t discuss. And I don’t think it’s the same as judging also because everyone has the right to reply. There’s no pushing opinions also, I think we’re all mature enough to think for our own.
by the way, discussion and stating one’s mind are some of the ground pillars of democracy. If not, there are only two possible outcomes; dictatorship or a very, very boring world.

Here in Belgium they’re played at least once a week


Oh, I like part two of this lecturing :kissing_heart:
Would be fun



Yes there is. Everybody is entitled to have an opinion and to see the other’s opinion as wrong or right.
It’s all about the point of view. In our eyes Hitler was wrong, but in the eyes of the german people at the time, he was right. It’s all about putting things in perspective. All things are relative.
And, btw, by mere stating this you are pushing your opinion onto others also…
As I said, it’s all relative…

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She said nothing about anyone holding off on their views-it’s…ahhh how to put this without certain people taking offense…
it’s the way certain people present their opinions per se
I won’t say more on it but it’s just some personalities have a very…direct way of taking over a discussion

Which is why I said my opinions are based solely on what I see :upside_down_face: I know there’s another atmosphere that side of the pond

Ps @anna834 take an independent “Unbiased” stance :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


And it is onto the others to react to this. That’s the whole point!

Lol you’re missing my own point which is that some rub the wrong way With their approach
Ironically I’m usually the one in their defense :stuck_out_tongue:

Is there a true right/wrong then if each side sees the other side backwards(?) :upside_down_face:
There truly is no right/wrong if each side can see it differently lol

Edit: As for the stuck in the past comment from earlier, you sure you aren’t confusing who is actually stuck in the past idolizing certain people and the original albums? :rofl:

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And they have the right to do so…
I feel like I’m saying the same thing over and over again.
Maybe it’s an American thing because it’s well known that “democracy in America” is nothing like the “democracy in Europe”… Just the fact that you guys have only 2 political parties is as far from how democracy was intented as it could be…
But I’ll shut up now, otherwise we’ll be discussing this the whole day

Haven’t said anything and am already


I tend to just don’t like the way of discussion.
The kicking, and turning into negative if you don’t like a track.

I haven’t listened to this remix often or to the original at all to have an opinion on it.

I love Mike and I trust him.
Already biased.
And even, when some songs hit not so much mark, I would never use some criticism that are used for it. And I don’t go into it, just no fun.

I’m sure that I’m not stuck in the past, how many 52 year olds do you know that listening to all kinds of music, of all ages, also 2019… And by the way, I never idolize, I thought you would know this by now…
But it’s the right (keyword) of the young to question the old, just as it is the right of the old to put the young at their place :crazy_face:

:joy: and there goes the “American” “discussion” :rofl:
Don’t speak of “you guys” when I have no voice :grin:

As it is, you have your preconception on the matter and, agreed, we won’t budge lol

I wasn’t referring to you bro,
We stand together on this point which is why I brought it up

My discussion here wasn’t with you from the start
Whether you chose to pop in to defend is another matter

If you’ve gone through the situation you’d see neither you or I are the ones doing that

You have as wide a taste in music as I and I’m half your age
As for the age discussion, I do respect your views
But I won’t be put in any place when it’s you misunderstanding my initial points and taking them on as if they were directed at you :joy:

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