New Remix "Grand Paradise" by Mike Shinoda!

@lplove wrote it in the other topic, but mabye it deserves an own topic? If not, then put in an other topic :blush:

So, new material from Mike for weekend start? Great way to start it right? :crazy_face::sunglasses:ÅMÅŽÕÑ&keywords=Mike+Shinoda+grand+paradise&qid=1574410342&sr=8-1

and the song on Youtube:

what do you think about the new remix?:wink:

I’ll forever have problems with remixes so I say “it’s okay” for first listening.


I on the other hand love remixes, so


Yea, I wasn’t sure where to put it. If I should put it in Mike’s topic and start a new thread, so I just put it where I did bc he was posting like crazy last night, well shortly after midnight for me. I just wanted to get it out there asap. Thx for moving it! :purple_heart:

It’s def an interesting remix, probably bc the original is already unique. :woman_shrugging:t2: But the more I listen, I like it more & more. :notes::notes:


you know I don’t know why I thought this said gangster paradise… aww that would be awesome :pensive:

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Gangster’s Paradise by Coolio?

Heard this yesterday, can’t compare it to the original as I’ve never heard it and can’t be bothered to find it. It’s 50/50, but it’s better than everything after OML combined. Though that’s not saying much. :joy:

Can’t be bothered to find the original? You just don’t like anything Mike does anymore, do ya? :yum:

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He give up after post Traumatic lol

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Can you blame me? It’s all the same, boring, generic-sounding nonsense.

Well, what kinds of sound(s) do you want to hear from him? What’s your favorite?

He’s always loved all kinds of sounds, we all know that.

Something closer to old school or underground rap, like FM.


But he’s grown up since old school and FM. That’s just what happens. Their music tastes & life change, that’s why all their albums changed. Did you like ‘Welcome’ at all?


It’s not the taste of his that changed though,
It’s just…feels like the effort or creativity isn’t there
It really does sound generic
Doesn’t have his signature on it for me either
And I did like some of pt even if it’s different

I don’t “need” the rock nor the “old” vibes
Just isn’t special right now
Feels like jingles


This song feels like jingles? What sort of Christmas/adverts do you guys have over there? :confused:

I think Mike’s music is original, it doesn’t sound like anything I’ve heard lately, but I don’t keep up with new crap (yes, I said crap again…). It definitely has a more chilled vibe, but is still dark in tone. Mike’s voice for me is very authentic, unlike a lot of singers in the industry. And it’s not just his ability to sing/rap that gets me, it’s his ability to write and produce music so vividly and openly which isn’t generic. That’s the LP self-created genre. I tend to like LP remixes because to me it’s them having fun with their favourite music.

Keep it alive Mike :metal: I love the chilled out sound!


No, I listened to it maybe 3 times and never touched it again (which reminds me, I need to go delete it from my phone and laptop lol), it’s like he was trying to impersonate that idiot Drake. There is no musical act I despise more than Drake.

You still holding onto crap? :joy:

Apparently pretty good jingles for you :stuck_out_tongue:

Just listened to the remix , It’s okay, but it could have been a lot better

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Maybe the sound has changed bc his long time collaborator isn’t… available. PT was different for obvious reasons, he had Brad & Jay-Z to bounce ideas off if needed.

I agree with @zanybelle, they don’t sound like jingles at all. And I thought the same thing, never heard anything like it recently. Mike is a multi-talented person and there aren’t many of those out there right now.

@the_termin8r didn’t like Welcome either, okay. Drake, I don’t like him but don’t think Mike was trying to impersonate his music either. We all know, at least I think, that if Mike can’t find something he likes to listen to… he’ll just make it himself… thus The Hunting Party.

@framos1792 why do you have a cake next to your name? Lol

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The sound changed because he’s taking his shot at getting back into mainstream :upside_down_face:

Personally that’s my gripe, if you break back into airwaves, have it be by your skill not because you fit into the mold of the sounds out there currently

You can hear this or fine somewhere and it wouldn’t strike you as what we’re used to
It’s fine for what it is

Personal opinion at the end of the day, if y’all see it differently then kudos

@lplove cake slice means it’s your anniversary since joining, a full cake means it’s your birthday, in my case, I’ve been here three years :upside_down_face:


No my thing, I don’t like it. Just for being Mike who we’re talking I could try to give a chance in the future. The voice (I guess it’s a vocoder) doesn’t like me. About the sounds, well some of them are a bit hypnotic, but nothing special, even “Fine” or “What You Worth” are more enjoyable than this song imo.