New person here :)

I probably saw you at one point as I was going out of the queue quite often. I had grey Linkin Park t-shirt I purchased at the O2 and I have long ginger hair. So you probably saw me somewhere.

I left the queue once, at the worst possible time. I went looking for the toilets (there were no signs) and then I get a message from @evooba telling me the line has moved (it was when they moved us past that fence). I had to barge through EVERYONE.

Oh wow. I was afraid that this may happen when I was going to the toilet. But my secret is no food or drink for the whole day. It worked. I was literally in the second row, half first, and was lucky enough (that is questionable tho) that Chester was sweating on me during Crawling (personally it’s a bit disguisting lol)

I wanted to go just in case, I wasn’t dying, good thing too since there was a line as long as the one for the show for the toilets and I didn’t even get to go. :laughing:

Oh yeah. LAst time I went was 5pm and that was it. Super long queue. And I made it on time. I was barely standing after whole day of queueing and then jumping like crazy. I want more now. But the advice is to not eat or drink, even a little bit

Personally I don’t think I’ll be waiting that long again. I’m a person who loathes waiting ages for something that doesn’t last anywhere near as long as the wait, it’s just irrational to me.

Also this thread might interest you:

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Ah the kit kats, Yeap! I’m pretty sure I saw you walk by a couple of times… fun days. Crazy it’s been 2 weeks already.

I know! So crazy! I am still on Linkin Park cloud as they were just awesome.
Kit kats weren’t mine, but they came from a guy who was standing in front of me.

At one point I was thinking of following suit and throwing my snickers at people. Ended up having to throw them away at the security check. The guy made me thrown away my food and drink but let me keep the empty plastic bag…because logic.

Lol I had to say goodbye to the bottle of water… At least I had loads of water from the security inside the arena. It was way too hot and at one point I thought I will faint

Speaking of faint, the temp rise during faint was insane because everyone was bouncing.

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Welcome to the forums @rorymcgarrett!

Looking for the rules? Just read the “LPU Code Of Conduct” on thread categories. Read also the FAQ if you want more info :blush:

Browse some topics and try some of our game topics on “Game Center” category

Hope you’ll have fun here with the community :slightly_smiling_face:

Have a good day!


Arnie :smiling_imp:

(tired of reading so many comments + you concert…kitkat… all that stuff)

Well, honestly there is no use of saying welcome @rorymcgarrett cause you already are a part of LP family after you had chat with @the_termin8r and @evooba :slight_smile:

What else should i say …i ain’t from UK…nor visited to any concert…so i just can’t join this conversation :sleepy:

@rorymcgarrett have a good time on forums…browse the topics…I hope you get many things of your interest! :smile:

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Welcome :smiley:

Of course you can join the conversation. It’s always fun to get to know new people!

I need to figure out this forum first. But I will get there. Didn’t help that I was on 24 hour posting ban for new members.

What? I haven’t heard of that before. Why would they do that?

No idea. When I tried to reply last night I got a message that I have reached 23 posts for new members and I have to wait 24 hours to post again. Maybe it’s like they don’t want spammers or something?

Hmmm, must be new. It probably is to prevent spam. But 23 posts is a stupid limit.

I know! I was like what the heck? But I am back and I hope they won’t block me again as I don’t fancy waiting anoyther 24 hours.