New game: lets play right or wrong

It´s time to create a new game, everybody is invited to take part, believe me, it´s fun &joy

So, first person gives an issue, kind of pieces of personal wisdom like: I think beer is more enjoyment, than coffe in the morning can ever be…

next person judges “Right” or “Wrong” and puts his opinion on screen.

Its similar to “the person above me” but it´s new and maybe some new lpuér are taking part!
let´s get started:

“Staying alone is better than living with somebody !”

I guess you don’t have a dishwasher? I don’t have either, cuz the thick gravy, sauce etc still needs to be wiped off the plate before putting into the dishwasher, which is double-work: might as well do the dishes by self.


you don´t have to clean before ya put it into the dishwasher, you just can :relaxed:

A good song [musically] with bad lyrics is a bad song…


You can just clog it up? Wrong. And not really clean, just remove the solid that may clog.

hi…:sunny:can´t think about an answer to this right now, so just nice to meet ya @samuel_the_leader

Most of today’s music is like that; other people produce music (melody) for those manufactured artists, the manufactured artists just need to sing, but they shit up the melody with shit lyrics about hooking up, sex, etc, this kind of crap


Isn’t it nice that our Guys from lp are bleeding every Note and lyric out ? Awesome :smiley:


Mike has more freedom to express himself when he masquerades as his alter ego Fort Minor, than when he produces for LP.


We will get the new Album for Christmas

Disagree, I’m sure you know that most albums during that time are Christmas-themed (Vomitation - don’t get me started on this :confounded:)

I believe that a new Fort Minor Album would come out within the next 3 years

Agree :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I think everybody Must shave the arm Pit!

Disagree, I read somewhere that it should be that females should not be obliged to shave if they don’t want to, why must the care what society thinks?

Seems like this thread would just be between the two of us, kinda like our debating ground.

Yes nice you reanimated it!

The arm Pit thing: disagree because It Looks forbidden
:mask: These ‘dreadlocks’ there :scream:

It is One Year ago when we started our ‘debating Club’ isn’t it?

It is not a debate club, we had our first argument in like October or something like that.

Are you angry? Right now?

No, you are the one angry. Why do you always look like a fierce woman (Based on the photographs of you)?

This is my Face dude :joy: lol I am not angry! I would accept Special in Order To Name my TEMPERAMENT and mb wild but anger from myside you only get when I feel hurtened so maybe ya Über- ich make you feel this kInda anger?

Mon Über? Still remember the day near the train station whereby an Arabic man came towards me and asked if I was the one who booked his l’Uber. (Yup, that Uber taxi thing)

I remember

:smiley: i thought Last Night on Plug we were Friends at Last

You remember? But i didn’t tell you about that Uber thing, ma espionne. :unamused: