New Fort Minor album

Just downloaded that song. I… am… SO… SQUEALING LIKE A HAPPY PIG!
OMG you guys! This song is good, it is more than welcome and has potential. Like, if he’d release it not just to download for free for us fangirling creepers but for the masses; this one could explode a chart.

But that’s me, just being a happy squealing happy lil pig :smiley:


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He just announced the first of the few shows he said he’d do. Apparently he’s doing them all on his own. Mike Shinoda is officially a one man band.

The music video is up on YouTube, it’s awesome! <3

For the lazy people:

Make sure you’re on Chrome if you want the 360 version

On a side note, it’s weird that Mike took over a fan account for Fort Minor and kept all the fan content on the channel

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OMG I watched the vid 5 times already. The 360 option is radical! Wow!

On side note: It used to be an unverified channel, but that doesn’t mean it’s necessarily a fan account. Or maybe I’m just confused?

Based on the descriptions on some of the videos (Move On for example) and the related channels bar it has to have been a fan account. It’s weird though, the channel is
but if you go to to redirects to the first link. Why not use just plain FortMinor

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thanks for posting this. Great performance

Awesome gig :smiley: I’m so happy that FM is back! Miiikeee heel yeah!


The video is pretty rad! I’d seen other 360 videos before but this one is hands down the best one yet. Loved the idea, he literally took it to the next level!
Let’s see how badass he does at the shows now!

This popped into my head:

FM: “This is dedicated to all outsiders & underdogs”:

“And this is dedicated to Wayne Static” (R.I.P. Wayne):

“And of course, this is dedicated to the rest of us, all of us” (where music lives):

(imagined setlist lol)

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That’s a mighty fine setlist right there. He’ll hopefully do these songs during one of them shows he mentioned about. So sad that he’ll just do some local shows, though…

You know, I was wondering just right now. Wouldn’t it be nice if like… They did a tour, with the side projects added to their show? Make it an Alter Ego Festival, or whatever. Have STP, DBS, FM do their thing and then have LP close the deal. That would be sooooo cool. It really would. Just a brainfart I’m sharing here… :blush:

What you guys think?

Mike did it back in 2006. 2 shows a night… he was dead tired lol

Ooooh, that’s when this happened:

Yeap, this one too.

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Shinoda Sweat, now in bottles everywhere :smiley:

Oh, it´s so animalism… I´like it, but for real: Ruy posted on twitter, that he did´nt knew about welcome and created an own version, that sucks and it´s confusing, also ´cause in my opinion the sound of welcome is saaad! Or I´m totally mistaken?? :flushed:

I order 100 bottles for sure, I swear…;))