New Fort Minor album

I wouldn’t mind another mixtape.

I wouldn’t mind another one either. If it is indeed an album though, I’ll be really disappointed if SOB isn’t a part of it.

I think it would be great but Mike is confusing me… :grimacing: :smiley:


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Yeah it´s really comming…

I don’t know what this came from, someone was posting the link in a Facebook post. Looks legit though

Edit: It looks like the new song is called Welcome, and there’s going to be a 360 degree music video like this video, but you know, Fort Minor:

You can actually download the song for free on that site already!!!

Btw… The merch… Ughh! That’s hella expensive :frowning:

And … No shipping to Indonesia -.-

I am speechless. A song hasn’t hit me that hard ever since Waiting For The End was released. It is so emotionally charged, you can hear it in the way he is rapping and singing, in the lyrics… he’s being so honest and true it’s just… I can’t really describe it. It is an amazing song! Also, it seems to me that he’s making peace with himself in this song, letting us now that is probably the end of Fort Minor in his own way.

The merch looks stunning, I wish they were shipping to my country but they’re not. The prices of the vinyl seem a little too high to me though.

“Welcome” is amazing.
Unfortunately vinyls are too expensive and there’s no CD single version :confused:
Hope for more! I believe there will be an album, it would be so stupid making all that hype, new logo, merch etc for just one song.

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New FM song? What? Wait? Huh?

When I click the link it just leads me to a 404 page :frowning:

Yup 404. Wtf?

Well now… Look what I tumbled upon:

OMG, what a tease:

Looks like they were quick to take it down. Even is down and that had nothing on it

Kinda sad it’s only one song, but I still like it. I’ll probably buy a shirt

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excellent song. Mike is such an incredible writer. Love this message. I hope he tours. Fort Minor always has and will have my support. Welcome back Mike

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Yeah, they are so tricky, we´re waiting and discuss about 7th studio album from the lp, and cabummmm :star2: a new star fort minor appears in the sky mhhh, on the internet

He’s not planning to tour with FM at the moment. Maybe a few shows.
No album for now, just this song. I LOVE IT! What do you guys think?

Fort Minor Website back up!!!

Youre so right, i hope there will be more behind