New Fort Minor album


It is weird, very weird actually. And it makes me really sad and kinda mad. I hope they will sort it out and it won’t get between their friendship.


So there’s another version made by Ryu now?

Call me weird, but I somehow always felt like Fort Minor was just Mike’s project and the others were just kind of running along with it, but it was Mike’s game in the end. Not saying that to be negative. It’s kind of… Kind of like Eminem and D12, you know? Or maybe more like 2pac and any given rapper that rapped along on his tracks back in the day. In the end it was Pac’s game, the others just ran with him. Not to compare Mike with 2pac but yeah… Does this make sense?

Well, the lyrics to the chorus of Welcome has quite a sad undertone, I agree.

I don’t need their blessing now
I don’t need their invitation
Ain’t no way to shut me down
Or to take this path I’ve taken
And maybe I’ve been left out
Never let this be mistaken
They can keep that blessing now, forget me now
Cause I was never welcome


Shinoda Sweat indeed… :blush:

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In the end, what Mike did wasn’t right. Intentionally or not, it just wasn’t cool. FM is Mike but he decided to bring his friends on board with him. The minute he decided not to call them again, he shouldn’t have gone with FM. He should have at least explained the situation and not let it get here. I’m very disappointed in him and didn’t expect this from him at all, I’m 100% with Ryu here. (Btw, that’s just my opinion on the matter. Not ditching Mike or anything, just saying how it feels to me.)


I don’t follow FM as much as you guys seem to do, but what I get from these posts about the Ryu stuff, I think that Mike should have gone with a solo release without using FM’s name. I always thought FM (or any band for that matter) was a group and not a one man show. I would be sad if one of the LP members created, recorded & produced a song on his own & then released it as a Linkin Park song. I agree with @EvoOba & Ryu (if he has retaliated).


It’s not really about the name… Mike used one of Ryu’s verses for the song and did not credit him. Instead he told him something about a remix song AFTER they talked about this when Welcome was released. It’s all on Ryu’s IG and FB pages but yeah… to me, what Mike did was plain stupid, he betrayed a friend, a friend who values him a lot. That’s why Ryu was upset, not for the song or whatever. But they say they talked it out, agreed to disagree and it’s all good again. Who knows…


Thanks for clarifying the stuff for me @evooba, but then, this makes it even worse. If I remember correctly, the mailer from LP stated that “Welcome” was all Mike. This makes me sad.
Maybe I should avoid getting into the personal space of the band members and just enjoy their music as I have always done. Also, sorry for not knowing the actual story, but still commenting :mask:


No worries… that’s what it has been said online btw. For all we know, they can meet and talk about this thoroughly when Mike gets back in LA. It’s just sad this happened… no heart feelings to either of them or name calling or whatever, just wish they were honest… well, Mike.


Mike didn’t use any of Ryu’s verses in the song; all of “Welcome” is Mike’s work. Ryu recorded a verse to it, but it’s not included in the song.


It was supposed to be on the remix but it’s not and Ryu had no idea about the video either as it seems. Honestly, this is so complicated… I just hope they’ll solve it.


OK, here’s something that might come across as a bit off the beaten path, but euhm…

A few years ago I wanted to write this fanfic about Mike in his FM era. And in the fanfic, Mike and Ryu ended up getting into a creative disagreement and that caused the group not to do anything else together. Mike was being an ass in the story, a real pompous ass. Kind of similar to what has apparently happened now with the Welcome record. This idea rose up about 4 or 5 years ago. But then I kind of let it go because I just thought it wasn’t right to write something like that, even if it were fiction.

It’s kind of creepy to think that this imagined storyline I had years ago. is now actually happening for real.

On another note: Not to attack Mike; but seeing how he functions in LP for instance; writing and recording stuff even when the others aren’t around, he’s done that before. Look at the Steve Aoki projects; A Light That Never Comes for instance was all Aoki and Mike, with a bit of Chester. But let’s be honest, it wasn’t an actual Linkin Park thing. Same goes for Darker Than Blood.

Maybe it’s just his enthusiasm; he feels like he has something great going on and wants to share it with the world and poof it’s out before you can say shrimp fried rice.

I’m just going by my own observation here, but like I’ve said before; I think Mike genuinly feels like FM is his thing. And that that’s why he thought it was ok to just do whatever he felt fit with the songs. Not saying that’s right, just saying. Maybe he didn’t think so 10 years ago, but maybe he started feeling that way after years and years of not having the ability to get the guys together for whatever reason to actually make new stuff and publish it together.

I don’t know though. Maybe I’m just off. I do hope they sort it out. I agree that it’s not right to ditch your friends, no matter what reason. But who knows what’s going on offline, ya’know?


I love this sentence!!! In my opinion, Mike is overload with all the thing to organise the whole thing FM, cause he´s the one to do mostly of that, so he thought, before I spend such a lot of time to bring everybody on the table, discuss the stuff, etc, it´s faster and more his necessity to do it , at last, all on his own, for me it shows also, how lonely the leader is in some moments…;((


@Gatsie I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one who thinks that ALTC and DTB are actually Mike’s projects and the guys had little say in them. I really believe they just went with it cause Mike wanted them too… I’ve been getting this bossy vibe from here a lot lately. I mean, he was always the leader in the studio and stuff but he always talked with others and stuff, now it just seems to me that the band is more like “Mike says, band does” no matter what it is or how good/bad it is or even if they all agree on not about it.

As for this thing with Ryu, I’m honestly very upset. I didn’t expect this at all from Mike, to do such a thing to a friend of his, a friend that he knows values him a LOT! It’s not really about the name to be honest… Fort Minor was always Mike, he wrote everything on TRT but just decided to bring his friends on board simply because that’s who he is, when there’s a party he invites people, it’s more fun. Ryu was hurt cause Mike wasn’t honest with him from the beginning… I’m sure they’ll sort it out and everything will be fine. They’ve talked already and Ryu is cool, still proud of Mike and he’ll be there for him when and if Mike needs him. So we’ll see I guess…


@Evooba, About the Steve Aoki colab: I had that vibe the moment I saw the behind the scenes LPTV vid and saw just Mike and Steve talking in the making of ALTC. You see them working on it, mixing it together, discussing the progress. And then in the last part you see him [Shinoda] sharing what he made with the rest of the band. By that moment, they [the rest of the band] couldn’t say no anymore because it was already made [My conclusion to their response, anyway]

About Mike’s leadership:
Mike’s a boss. He’s like Gordon Ramsey in a kitchen; the moment he steps into your kitchen he will be doing your cooking and eventually he will take over the entire kitchen and maybe even waiter too.

I’m not saying he’s a narcissist. I think he really wants to get it [creative outbursts of whatever] all out his system and there’s just so much in his system that he wants to share. Every musician, though; has this one desire to be in the spotlight without having to share those lights with others. [Those that say they do not have that feeling are lying]. To leave their own mark. And I think Mike maybe was a bit chicken in the beginning, to do it all by himself on stage. But maybe now he thinks; “Crap, just a few years and I’m 40 and I still haven’t done this and that all by myself”. Oh wow, that almost comes across as a midlife crisis. I’m not saying he’s in a midlife crisis, though. Well… Maybe a little…

I’ve read Ryu’s reactions on Twitter about Welcome. He comes across as genuinely disappointed. But he’s working on his own solo record, right? And he’s not including Mike on it either as far as I know? I think Mike should’ve been honest from the start; that he wanted Welcome to be just him. But I do kind of… Well, Ryu could’ve gone to Mike straight and talked about it, before resorting to Social Media like that. I’m not attacking Ryu btw, just. Well… I don’t know.

Hopefully they will sort it out and maybe even make a song together. Or maybe they’re trolling us; pretending to have this lil “misunderstanding” and then BANG; in comes the new FM album. That’d be nice. But we will have to wait and see, yes.


I hear you. I don’t know what’s up with Mike… he is not that kind of a person, to want the attention and all that. He’s very humble and genuine, always has. I really think this was unintenional and just a bad case of miscomunication. It doesn’t change the fact that what he did is still wrong in my book though, I’m still kinda pissed at him for it.

Yeah, Ryu never said he’d have Mike on his solo record. He’s been working on it for years and he’s very excited about it, I’m pretty sure Mike will be one of the first people that he’ll let listen to before its release (always has with previous projects, he values his opinion a lot).
As for the media thing, I don’t think either of them thought it’d get that bad. Ryu has always been very open with the fans that’s why he addressed the issue online, plus lots of people were driving him crazy with questions. What bothered me the most was LP fans ditching Ryu for no reason at all, telling him Mike is right and stuff without even knowing the facts. I mean, ok I get it, Mike’s my hero too, I look up to him but that doesn’t mean that whatever he says or does is right, we gotta have an opinion of our own :confused:

I’m sure they have already at some degree :slight_smile: Ryu says he’s still proud of Mike’s work and that he’ll be there whenever he needs him again for whatever.

LOL, I wish there was an album but I think we’ll have to wait another 10 years for it.


I know! Some fans can behave like this father swan.

Have you seen the amount of selfies Mike makes on instagram/snapchat? He likes attention alright :stuck_out_tongue: Bless him for it, though. He’s my hero and all, but I do think Mike can be a mayor asshole at times, which is a very human trait I think. We don’t intend to be assholes all the time, but sometimes we just are. You know? :stuck_out_tongue:

For instance: I think he’d be a mayor asshole if he teased us fans with supposed new FM stuff, building up hopes amongst the fandom for an album [because duuh they will hope for that, whatelse?] and then come with 1 song and some overly priced artwork. I’m sorry but as much as I think his art is beyond nifty and wonderful, I am not paying 120 bucks for a friggin vinyl and a T-Shirt.

Look at that, now I’m being an unintended asshole too :innocent: :grin:

In all seriousness though. I hope he won’t leave us hanging for another 10 years like that. But, if he does. Well a shucks, that’s fine too. :smile:

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Yeap, he can be! Lol we’ll see.


Heyo @gatsie at her best! Everybody is made of pieces, some people have a major asshole piece, some a thinner one, but one for shore: We all have one (at least granted by the hole we all have between our boodies)


Ryu pwned: