Netherlands memorial?

Hey everyone, i dont know how many people are up to doing a memorial in the netherlands but maybe in the wake of Chester’s death people would like to meet up and support each other?


I think that’s a beautiful idea to do a memorial in Rotterdam or any place else

I like that idea.

I’m in, been looking for information about a memorial for days.

I would love to be there. But also cant find anything… are the fans hier dutch?

Im dutch and I think it would be a great idea!


I like that idea, but i cannot find anywhere any dutch memorial to Chester. :frowning:

I’m Dutch. If we can get some interest going here and a fb event or something that would be awesome.

The Dutch ambassador of the Linkin park underground is currently working on putting something together by the end of August. But that is still far away

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Just found out there’s work in progress regarding a memorial. I’m glad. Would love to attend with the family.
Our daughter is six years old and she was so proud when we went to the Ziggo Dome last month… She’s heartbroken. I believe it’s a good thing there will be a memorial / meet up. She can see she’s not alone…

Even in het Nederlands. De Nederlandse ambassadrice voor de lp underground zit op Twitter onder de naam @wenlisha. (hoop dat dat oké is om te delen). Daar staan ook tweets van andere mensen die het over aanstaande vrijdag hebben om een memorial te houden voor Chester.

I think its the best to have it in Utrecht, then its reachable for everyone from everywhere. Especially with small kids. I know that mine are willing to come, They are 4 and 7 years old.

I couldn’t find anything about it. I thought i would make a forum post about it to see how many people are up for it and orginise something then. But if the dutch lpu ambasador is already on it i will just keep in check with his twitter for it

Yeah the best thing to do imo is to let the ambassador handle it, om het centraal te houden zegmaar

Ze hebben het nu over aanstaande vrijdag bij de ziggo dome

Heb je toevallig een linkje voor me? (Ben niet de beste met twitter) :see_no_evil: ik hoop dat deze werkt

Er lopen twee gesprekken door elkaar maar dan weet je wat er speelt in ieder geval