Need to get this out

Hi everyone. I’m sure not everyone knows me here.
I’m Jason, 26 years old. And I’m struggling with my depression. It’s going up and down. And now I’m in my down place. Chester’s day of passed away is coming closer. And it’s killing me. It’s been almost 2 years ago we heard the horrible news. Still today I struggle to accept it. Some days I can accept it, some days not. And for the last couple of weeks I can’t accept it. I really miss him. I never met him in person, but I still miss him. I am very, very grateful that I have seen Linkin Park live, 1 month befor his passing.
Now, today. I’m listing to the One More Light album to help me. But it’s hard. Chester was/is my light.
The pain is hard. But I / we have to keep fighting.
:pray: :pray: :heart:


Yeah! :muscle: Never let your demons to win! We fight together and I’m sure you can overcome them! :muscle: Sending strenght! :hugs: :hugs: :hugs:


Where do you live? Are there any other LP fans around? Might be a good idea to spend that day with some like-minded people to relieve some of the stress!

Any friends would also help with that, but maybe other LP fans would be best since they really understand what you’re feeling.


I live in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. I know people who know LP, but they are not a fan. Just sometimes listen to a song, once in a while. I try to open up about it. But it’s hard. When someone mentions Chester, my hart stops and crumbles. They don’t know that, but it has a effect on me. I know it could sound weird. But it just does. :frowning_face:

Are you on the Linkin Park Netherlands Facebook group? They’re planning an event, last I saw it will be in Utrecht so that’s less than an hour by train for you!

I visit Nijmegen all the time when I’m in NL because my best friend lives there; I’m Dutch too but not living there currently so I can’t go to the event on the 20th unfortunately :C But I think it’d be good for you to be among the LP family on that day, so I definitely advise you to check it out :hugs:


Oh wauw, that’s great! Thanks for sharing this :heart: I will definitely go to Utrecht! It’s not that far for me.


Hang in there @drounzer just try to think of things that make you happy when your having a tough time

I miss Chester too…

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Remember you will never get out of grief, but you can only build your life around it. We feel you and are by your side, don’t be afraid to speak it up with a psychologist if you need :slight_smile:
What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and you have the power to turn your pain onto strenght, we believe in you


I know how you feel, at least I think I do to some extent. None of the people that I talk to can relate to what I’m saying about the loss of Chester or how I feel about it either. I feel that people that aren’t LP fans can’t comprehend things the way that LP fans do. LP & Chester were all about helping people & uplifting each other to get through tough times. That is a rare thing in the times that we live in. Most people are so wrapped up in their own life & how they appear to be.

If you don’t have anyone to actually spend the day with in person, maybe you can schedule a Skype session or something like that. At least that way, you would be able to actually see the person while you talk about things. It’s just a thought, maybe someone else can come up with an idea that may be better suited to your needs.

Just know, LPU will always be here for you!!! We are all here to support you. Please take care of yourself & reach out if you need us…


Great idea!!! I wish that I lived in that area, I would love to be able to connect with other LPU fans. If anyone goes, please share with the rest of us! I don’t do Face Book so I am unable to do that kind of stuff.

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