My Chemical Romance

No one is better than LP (DBS and Fort Minor) but My Chemical Romance make very good music.


agree. i love MCR.

whats your favorite album of them?

Actually i don’t agree with you guys… i’ve seen MCR live in Sonisphere in Italy cause they played before Linkin Park and i didn’t like the way they sang…i think there are many other bands(apart for LP, who are the best for me) that can make really good music^^

I know they are not the best live band, this is LP but i really like them live too

Bullets is still my favorite.

MCR is not the best live band, they actually suck in the early days. but i think they have improved their performance after The Black Parade.

Yes, my favortie Album is Three Cheers.

cool. Fashion is my fave song from that album. it was great when they performed it for TBPID :smiley:

I dont have any Favorite songs, i like almost every song. I never saw them live, maybe next year oder in two years i will go to a concert, they dont come every year to germany =(

fuck yeah x)

awww, i hope you’ll get your chance!!

i’ve seen them live twice and got a meet and greet once. Frank was the nicest one among all the guys. Gerard was a bit bitchy, but perhaps he wasn’t in the mood since it was the last show of their Asia tour - can’t wait to go home, i guess.

xD who’s that in your profile pic? is that Jared? o_O

Love MCR :smiley:

Do you think a new album is coming out next year? I heard something…

I think they are a bit boring, but sure ok!

i don’t think they’ll have it next year. DD is only been a year and they’re still touring. perhaps early 2013? if they don’t lose another drummer that is :stuck_out_tongue:

i like their music. they came for the first time to poland this year. it was awesome but their funs are a bit too “crazy” for me (;

one of the first songs i heard by them was haley? and the song im not ok,
but i really like welcome to the black parade :3

[quote=intheend]one of the first songs i heard by them was haley? and the song im not ok,
but i really like welcome to the black parade :3

it’s Helena :slight_smile:

yeah if I’m not listening to LP I might listen to them

I really like My Chemical Romance, but their latest album is crap, I don’t really like it at all.
My fave album has to be Three Cheers cause I was totally obsessed with Mcr at the time that album came out. I think their next album should sound like “Bullets” that album is awesome.