My Chemical Romance

I like MCR and my favorite album would be Three Cheers. Just because I like his voice did I, eventually, come to like their newest album, but I really had to warm up to some songs. Sad to say, I do miss their more “depressed,” darker sound and would like them to go back to that a little bit. I don’t want everything they do to be the same, but you know. I do like how they have all encompassing themes for their albums, and this one was different and fun, story wise.

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agree! MCR is really good :slight_smile:

I’m in MCR obssession zone now :wink: Saw them live last year (first row, ftw!) and I was DELIGHTED :smiley:
I love thei music, their lyrics are so close to life… I know Gerard’s voice isn’t the best but we can see how he imporved it during the years :slight_smile:
My personal favourite song is “It’s not a fashion statement it’s a deadwish” I don’t know what’s in this song but I’m going crazy everytime I hear it :wink:

MCR? My second most favorite band!! :slight_smile:

I love Gerard’s pure emotions in his vocal parts. MCR has lots of amazing guitar lines, angsty lyrics full of meaning, and overrall their music is great!

I totally agree. They’re great, but nothing’s better than LP :stuck_out_tongue:

i don’t like them really much :S but they aren’t bad

Yeah! “I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love” rocks!

I used to like them, but i actually never listen to them anymore! Though their music is still great ^^

MCR is my second favorite band too!
I totally agree with you!

I love them! Second fave band behind Green Day. I’ve seen 'um live and they are actually very good, Gerard has improved his vocal range a lot.
My fave album is probably Bullets, it’s brilliant!

I like their cd’s but they’re not that good live, but I still enjoy their music some times :slight_smile:

I don’t listen to them as much as I used to but I still love them to death. They are fantastic. Wish I could see them live. In all the years, I’ve been a fan, never got the chance.

Danger Days is a masterpiece. I didn’t really into their other albums but this one… amazing!

I’d love to see them live

The only band I’ve seen live more times than I’ve seen MCR is LP. I’d have to say I like them just about as much as I like LP. My favorite album of theirs would either be Three Cheers or Danger Days. Both great albums. And Gerard is a fucking amazing dude.

I used to really love them and my fave album is Three Cheers.

I’ve tried listening to Danger Days a few times, but I just can’t get in to it. It sounds silly but I liked them better when they were depressed!

Bullets is still my favorite.

MCR is not the best live band, they actually suck in the early days. but i think they have improved their performance after The Black Parade.

The reason i like mcr is because they made escape the fates dreams come true and for that im eternally greatfull

I like MCR. I love Danger Days [cool]

I have weird feeling for mcr… I mean, when I was little I watched one of their music videos and Gerard Way just creeped me out! I know he is cool, good looking and stuff but since that day, sometimes I dream he is trying to kill me, hurt me or something like this :frowning:
hahahahahha I like them though… As I said: weird.