MS Paris 09.03.2019

Hi there!

How are you?
I’ve bought my tickets for Paris! Who else is going?

We would like to plan some things (eg. meet up, flash mob, etc.) so we have to gather you guys! Are you with us? :smile: :smiley:


Hi ! I’ll be at the show too.

@OneMoreLight2017 Are you going to the show in Paris ?


Hey @cissoye ! No I’m sorry this time I’m not going to attend Mike’s Paris show. :frowning: I will attend two German cities and Amsterdam

Which german shows ? I’m going to three there xD

Really? Haha this time you take everything :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Oberhausen and Berlin

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I’ve got my ticket for Paris too!


I’m with you ! :v::v:


Absolutely! This time I’m not missing out. I was left needing more after Reading so I’m just making sure I don’t regret anything :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I’m also considering going to Luxembourg for the wrap of this EU tour, but I’ll have to see. I don’t wanna plan too much and not be able to do it all or something.

I’ll be at the Berlin show too! Then Hannover and Hamburg :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Where are you flying from to Berlin ? I’ll depart from Lyon.


If you go to Luxembourg we will be there


I’ll be at the Paris show!


If you have a Facebook and/or Twitter and/or Instagram account maybe you can send me your username? It will be easier if we all communicate on the same media haha. If you don’t maybe you have an email address you can send me?

A Facebook event would be the easiest I think so if you are ok I can create it and invite you / share the link.

I am @MarieClouet on Twitter, @m_clouet on Instagram and @mclouet here and on the LP App if you want to send me a message haha

Where are you from if you are flying from Lyon?

I will probably be at the Berlin show too :heart_eyes: and still seeing with some friends for Paris
@OneMoreLight2017 I miss you! long time without talking!

From St Exupery Airport ^^ I’ll be happy to meet other fans and have fun in Paris.


I’ll be in Paris too! Can’t wait to see you guys! :smiley:


:+1::+1::grinning::metal::metal:ok ok

Almost one month to gooooooo! I can’t waiiiiit! :grin:
Apparently, the french LP fan club on facebook is planning to have one paper per person with “#YouMakeUsProud” on it. They want to show it up to Mike at the beginning of In the end.
It could be great. :blush:


Hi my guyyyyys!

What is the fan club page on FB ? (I follow on IG and Twi mostly) I’m on an event for the show but there’s nothing on it concerning things we can do.

(and sorry for being absent those days, doesn’t mean I’m not IMPATIENT cause it is D-15 WTF I THOUGHT IT WAS MORE OMG I CAN’T BREATHE ANYMORE NOW GdZEFZJEF. :sob::heart_eyes::star_struck:)


The facebook page seems to be ! :blush:


Hi. I will be in Paris for the Show but Luxembourg interested in me

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Hey @callmeanne@Lilyope I hope you both do well, you Will see Mike before us :blush:, one more month to wait for Luxembourg :yum:… Time doesn’t pass