MS Paris 09.03.2019

I just found out that “Coco bans” will be the support act in France:


@mclouet @Lilyope @callmeanne @kimims2010 @sforreal @cissoye @OneMoreLight2017 Are you going to the Mike’s show in Paris together? Can I join you?

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Any news about meet and greet?

Maybe going with @mclouet & @Lilyope if they want to :yum: (and everyone is welcomed I guess :stuck_out_tongue:)
As we did in August, a Whatsapp or-a-somewhere-else group could be a great idea to deal with : what do we do for the show as well as to contact each other the Day D (so soon :heart_eyes::sob:)


Of course, you can join us and of course we can go there all together @callmeanne ! For the hour of meeting i would like to go there at 14h or 15h (for the merch and maybe if there is nobody in the queue going drinking a soda somewhere before the show.

But it depends on the result of the meet and greet too. :blush:


I Will miss you Girls ! @callmeanne @Lilyope, you Will explain the details heeee :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: was really great Last time

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I will miss you toooo! Same for you about the details :grin::hugs::hugs::hugs: I can’t waiiit

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Yes I Will but for you D Day seeing mike is very very soon… We still have two weeks more to wait…

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Hi. What’s is group name in WhatsApp please?

C’est où la réunion? Where is the meeting?

We are in the line ! We need to have your number if you want to come in the whatsapp group! You can send me your number on my email

My number is 0698119783.

Done :blush:

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Found this video on twitter. Good time to remember. :blush: