Most Dissappointed LP fan on Earth

I purchased tickets to the Auburn Hills, MI concert TONIGHT wayyyy back in APRIL on the very FIRST day of PRE-SALE. I live in Canada. The concert is now 6.5 hours away, and guess what…NO TICKETS. Mail service has come and gone and I have yet to recieve my tickets. I called support last week, and they assured me over and over again that my tickets would arrive on time for the show, but they DIDN’T. On top of it all, I was selected to attend the M&G, which obviously now I can’t go to since I don’t have tickets! I keep calling the support phone lines, (LONG DISTANCE) but I can’t get through because they are too busy. I sent in a support ticket and haven’t heard back. Even if they can change the name on tjhe Will Call in time for me to give the tickets to my fiance to go with his friend (since I can’t attend the show myself anymore and had originally planned to sell the tickets), there won’t be enough time for them to drive all the way there since it’s a 3 hour drive away and my fiance won’t leave work early and drive all the way to Auburn Hills without a guarrantee that the tickets will even be there for him when he gets there. I cannot believe that Linkin Park would subject their loyal fans that PAY to have access to pre-sale tickets to complete BS such as this. If I do not receive a full refund for my tickets, then LP will lose a fan for life.

That sucks marlena. Truly.
I’m hoping I’m not int he same boat. I’m supposed to be going to the Indianapolis show in 4 days and I still have yet to see my tickets. My account says they shipped on 8/15 so it’s possible they’ll still show, but I haven’t received an email with a tracking number or anything.

Not sure why they would wait to send them so close to show time with the possibility of being lost in the mail, etc.

I don’t see why they wouldn’t refund your tickets if they didn’t arrive on time. Maybe you should try messaging Adam and see what he can maybe do about getting you in? Maybe if you provide proof you bought the tickets he can make an exception? Sorry I don’t mean to pin everything on him, but he is very helpful.

Does your order say FULFILLED? Because, if not, then they have not been shipped yet. My order saId that it would ship on Aug 7, but I called support on Aug 13 and the tickets hadn’t even been shipped yet. The order status didn’t change to fulfilled until Friday the 17th. Obviously shipped WAYYY too late to make it to CANADA in time for tonight’s show. All I’m saying is that they better rectify this tonight with a refund because I’m not afraid to take legal action against them. As far as I can tell, this entire site is a sham and they’ve stolen over $200 US from me. I will NEVER use this service or site again and will be sure to warn everyone else too. I know people in the same city as I who purchased tickets from TicketMaster well after public sales began and they recieved their tickets a month ago.

Im not happy with groundctrl either. I really hope you get your refund. My friend bought a membership to get early entrance and he asked groundctrl if he could get it if he brought the receipt and his I.D and they still said no. I saw people posting that it could be done that way but they said no. I know its not the same but I agree with you. It’s not fair what they did to you.

Are you kidding? Just print your receipt and show it at the venue. They’ll be stupid if they don’t let you in!

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Issue with that is that I’m not guarenteed entrance. I live 3 hours away from the venue, not to mention it’s across the border so I’d have to pay tolls and be held up longer…and then I might not even be able to get in. Also, I’m pregnant and had purchased floor tickets before I found out about my pregnancy, so I had decided to sell my tickets…which obviously also couldnt happen since \i did not receive them.

I’ve called over and over again today (long distance) and haven’t gotten through. I raised a support ticket and haven’t received a reply. And I messaged Adam on here. Nothing. No help.

Really sad situation! :frowning:
But letting this out on the actual band is a bit wrong? They’re not responsible for the tickets.

Wow this is aweful. I’m not happy with them either. I purchased my membership a month ago and nothing has even shipped yet. The status still only says ready. A little ridiculous. When I asked if they knew when it might finally ship, they told me to watch the status and I’ll know when it does.

Uh! That sucks! I never trust in an online presale! I advice you to go a receive to the show and speak with the staff. Maybe they can help you. Good luck i hope you can see LP! And remember is not LP fault if the postal service does not send you the item! Don’t worry! I’m sure that eveything will work out

did he read your message? you need to keep sending messages to him. i find he responds best after the 2nd or 3rd message

That’s a terrible situation!

That’s really sad and totally not fair!

I live in Brazil and waiting for my T-Shirt and other stuff to arrive, let’s see…

I hope you can solve your problem.

hey! I totally understand that this suck and that you’re very disappointed, but , how is this LP’s fault?
I hope groundctrl refund your tickets and all will be good.

LP needs to realize that the company that they have hired to run their fan site and sell tickets are crooks and fire them ASAP. This is NOT the postal service’s fault as one person mentioned. the tickets were only shipped on Friday. Postal doesn’t run on weekeneds. GroundCtrl did NOT ship them with enough time to reach my address even though they knew well in advance where they needed to ship, and I talked to them on the phone reminding them that I am in Canada and obviously tickets or anything else would take longer to get here. LP is an amazing and fair band that do everything they can for those less fortunate and I love them. I hope that they see what GroundCtrl is doing to their fans and puts a stop to it.

tweet adam or pooch their FOH sound guy about it. they should help.

Just sue the hell out of em

I contacted Adam about it. Hope he will get back to you soon!
I’m really sorry for the whole mess you have to deal with… :frowning:

You should be able to have the venue print out the ticket for you. Adam said something about this for those people who had still not received their tickets yet.