Mission Pink glow sticks!

Pink Glowsticks only!Crack them on One more light! Pink was his favorite color.

I think that a good idea to do pink glow sticks for chester . I hope everyone that is going will have a great time . I didn’t know pink was chester favorite color. I seen hem in pink before but i thought he just like the color. Who knew.

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we got this action already here…

no need to create several topics for the same thing, although we are all hyped- it will splt just the energy imo… :sunny: and we need it to be bundled :sunny:

Were doing pink because it was his favorite color and I think a lot more pink is going to show up in the stands than blue. IF you look at the map that is what is being covered already. But you can do blue too if you want.

She just added the link for you to click on so that it would take you to the thread where that topic is being talked about
If you go to it you’ll see that the color WAS changed to pink though the title stayed saying blue
Lpu’ers from fb have been updating us through there that’s why she was telling you the topics you created were redundant