Blue Light @ Hollywood bowl


Hey! I had an idea for the upcoming Chester tribute show. If not seen before, at korean concerts towards the end of their shows. Fans put a colored bag on their phones with the flashlight on making a colored light.
those attending to the concert*
I and maybe 6 others who’d like to jump in can distribute little blue bags before the show. So towards the end of the concert, we all shine blue lights in honor of chester. This will make the band members emotional obv. But it’ll show the love and respect and the unity we have as not only fans but as family. The blue idea comes from Chester’s iconic blue tattoo flames on his arms. !!

In many ways, it’ll be like a surprise hug from all of us to them.

Lmk if anyone is down for the idea. If not then I’ll gladly just distribute the bags myself to hundreds of people :joy:

Hollywood Bowl Facebook Group
Mission Pink glow sticks!

that would be cool. I remember balloons was past out at a LP House of Blues show and during I believe "Bleed it Out " we threw balloons on stage for the band. lol

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That will be so cool .but what can some people do who can’t go to the concert. To honorChester ? Only way i can do it is a tattoo. And post picture of hem.

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That’s a good question, I believe just something blue to post on Twitter or even instagram. That at a certain time during the concert (which can be arranged) people will start posting exactly when those who are at the concert are flashing the light. Creating the hashtag #HonorChester

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That’s cool but why not pink that is Chester favorite color? :slight_smile:

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That’s a cool idea - especially if it’s something that is audience/fan organised. :slight_smile:

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I really like that idea.

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Just saw this discussion. So you know, the group of fans on Twitter decided to have pink light for the show, as pink was Chester’s favourite color. I am at @erudvp on Twitter . Let me know if you want me to look up more info on this. Thanks !


I actually contacted the hollywood bowl about this idea (since 18,000 people are attending according to them), they said the idea is touching but it would visually impare those who arent participating. I mean it’s POSSIBLE to do, but if we get dirt for it. I don’t mind it, it’s all for chester. I dont believe a person wouldn’t jump in and do it. But yeah! Let me know more! I’d like to help out and get involved


I tried to spread the idea on Twitter too (handle six_182) but LPFanCorner said LP hates flashmobs" so they didn’t agree with the pink lights…

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It’s weird tho. B/c it’s not a flashmob. If anything it’s just little pink lights lighting up for chester. If anything they would find it touching. Unless we can think of something else? Maybe pink baloons? Idk, the hollywood bowl and I talked about some ideas, they just don’t want anything to impare anyone’s vision. Maybe we can do pink balloons.

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Pink balloons are a very nice idea. I saw in the FB group they’re talking about glowing sticks in pink. I don’t think it’s a flashmob too but LPFanCorner didn’t agree too much with my proposal… :frowning:

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There’s also a link with a sign that says “we do” that a few people are printing on a4 to hold up.
Would be good if could arrange something for a large amount of us to do so it’s obvious to the band. Just difficult to get something set in stone with everyone.


Honestly that’s something us fans have to try to invest in. We just gotta be timely about it since there isn’t a public set list for the concert and we arent sure what the last song of the show is. This is 18,000 people attending. Balloons and glowsticks are very cheap imo, but it would have to be a 4-8 leader achievement to get the glow sticks/balloons. Because 18,000 is a loootttt. The banner/sigb saying “we do” is an amazing idea to add on. We just gotta get it set before the show. I already know I’m going to the venue a day before and even early before the show to see what we can do.


Is anyone else on here attending the concert? It would be nice to have leaders for these ideas. We can arrange and try to save money together in finding the things we need to create something. To have something happen. I just dont want this big tribute concert to go to waste and have fans not interact yknow? I’m down to lead and it would be nice to havr 4-8 other leaders too ! :heart:


I completely agree! I’d love to help anyway I can also :slight_smile: I’ll be attending the show, coming from London for it :slight_smile:


Sweet, I’m coming in from Michigan! Let’s touch base in LA the day before the concert and try to reach out to other fans attending, we can def pull this off.


Search for the group on Facebook “well we do: holding up a light at the Hollywood bowl 2017”

People have volunteered to buy pink glow sticks and then light them during one more light. Someone is organizing a seating chart to try and cover as many areas as we can.

You can buy packs of 100 quite cheaply online


awww, how niiice, great idea and to share it realtime is just spreading the power - :sunny: yeah, :tada: I am in… whatever it becomes, this is great energy soldiers :sunny:

and I guess @AJ_7 and @jfar920 and @framos1792 and @danni1317 are joining in too :confetti_ball:

isn´t this exciting?

… btw: blue light is sheltering light too…


We switched it to pink for concert goers, but we can fill social media in blue with the hashtag #HonorChester