Hollywood Bowl Facebook Group

Hi there. If you’re going to the Hollywood Bowl show, I’ve set up a Facebook group for people like you. I created the group as a way to stay connected with those who are attending. The intent of the group is to not horde photos and videos, so if you are not going, do not feel like you need to be in the group. Photos and videos and things are encouraged to be shared with everyone, especially outside of the group. We have a lot of information there about the venue and things to do and also a flash mob idea at the show that is gaining steam. The one requirement for joining is that you are actually going to the show. If you are going and want to join our growing group, as of right now almost 500 people, please be sure to answer the questions when applying to join. It makes approving that much easier. :slight_smile:

Keep being awesome.


That sounds so awesome you are doing that .

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Thank you! It’s been a labor of love. Lol


I have no fb… we have two threads about the event here on forums and we got aware that there are already a lot of fb-groups running on fb- the soldiers with account keeping the lpu updated - for dinosaurs like me - not willing to join fb, they do a great job. Maybe you can join our threads too? With yoiur input? Would be great… :)) and welcome on bord soldier! :sunny:


My group is the one that is “Well We Do…” the one that everyone keeps posting about in the threads. I guess my post is more of an invite to make people going to the event aware that the group exists. Looking through the “Blue Light” thread, it seems to me that people are doing a good job spreading the word of the flash mob glow sticks idea.