Mike's "Post Traumatic", Album Out Now!

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Another new interview (it’s in German, but he talks a lot about Rob and the other guys from the few things I understood)


Thanks for the challenge to read something in German so early in the morning. It was better than coffee.
Mike says that everyone has his/her way to go through the sorrow. He prefers being active (painting and so on) while Rob likes meditating and peace. After he told Rob that he had written some songs after Chester’s death, Rob said: Oh, OK cause he knows Mike and probably expected that Mike would do it.
Mike talks also about the variety of songs he is gonna play as well as of Chester’s unique singing abilities.


Thank for the translation @anomalia ! This time I wouldn’t be able to understand it for real… :sweat_smile:

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Beforehand, my English isn’t the best. I was a terrible student. Learned later by reading books, listening to music and watching movies. Writing, I just started it.

Mike further says that the most of his fans are Linkin Park fans too. Most of the fans, he meets, are very dedicated and as part of LPU been around for a while.
On his shows Mike is very spontaneous. If someone jells a song f.e. from a B-Seide in 2007, an his band can play it, he plays it.
He plays a mixture from Post Traumatic and LP songs. He selected the songs.
“One step closer” is song that is not working without Chaster.
“Castle of Glass”, “Roads Untraveled” and a mashup of “Waiting for the End” shows the LP stile. For the fans it will be a new version. For him its is an old one, his demo version.
Mike doesn’t know, were he will be in five years. He doesn’t plan for the long term. He made a lot of music and songs with different artists, thats fun.
Mike want the fans to remember and celebrate Chester. They should remember all the great experiences we had together, all the great songs Chester was part in. Chester was one of the greatest singer Mike ever heard. He was a great man.
Than Mike shares one of his favourite memories. Usually, when they wrote a song, he also wrote Chesters part. They developed together how he would sing his part. Sometimes it stuck in a way they both did not like. To loose it, he asked Chester to sing it like someone else. Sing it like Robert Plant, ore Perry Farrell, ore Sid Vicious. Mike chose someone at random just so they could be crazy.
Chester could imitate all this singers. He could sing this unbelievable spectrum. Mike thinks, that not many people did know what a great singer he was. Chester was unique.

I think, the author of that interview did a great job with the questions and the translation. I can hear Mike taking, in German. :open_mouth::joy:


Thx for the thorough translation. I read the article and wrote my post on a train.

In case anyone is interested


So… people had to make Mike saying it loud and clearly…in the end…


That’s what I understood.

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Well done Mike!!! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart:


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He should have spoken more slowly and precisely… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


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I.O.U video coming soon!


One of my favourite songs of PT.
I can’t wait :drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face: