Mike Show HAMBURG March 8

Hello everyone!

After watching the youtube trailer for Mikes tour I got REALLY hyped for the concert in Hamburg and I was wondering if we all (who attend his show in Hamburg) will do some fan stuff while he sings.
For example, one thing we defenitely should do:
Bring socks like Boris (no matter if selfmade or bought) and take them during Ghosts.
I just don´t know how to organize it, that as many people as possible will take part.

Another thing I really love are this little posters with things like #iamthechange or #makechesterproud that we all could hold up during a song like Numb or In The End.

Tell me what you think about!

Love, Meret :kissing::heart:


Hey, i can’t wait for Hamburg either !!
Its just an idea but we could do something with 320 change direction.
We could for example use the hashtag #wechangedirections (or a similar maybe shorter one) and everyone draws one of the five emotions on a paper to hold it up during in the end.

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last year we created many flashmobs, for example the ‘you #makechesterproud’-flashmob and the boris & ms. oatmeal-flasmob in cologne. we’re fixing something out for march 2019, so stay tuned :grimacing::sunglasses:


Okey, I hope I will read about it then:)
Is there already a Forum topic for that?

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no, but you get the 'hottest and newest" informations on social media for example we from ‘mike shinoda germany’ :slight_smile:

Maybe we should ask him to play a song he has never played before and start singing it as a suggestion/ demand …any ideas about the song? 'Cause I’ll bring a huuuuuge poster then…


The messenger maybe ?

Nice idea, but do you think he would really do this? Its a song where the focus always was laid on Chester…

Not sure to be honest. It’s definitely a very emotional song.
but it’s also a nice and slow song to sing along with everyone.

@morlin_s @ravensgotnohaven
To be honest, I don´t think that would really work how we imagine it. And maybe it would be too emotional for Mike on stage? I don´t know, but it would be beautiful if the whole crowd would sing, but maybe as you experienced, it`s difficult without a track that gives you the rhythm you now?
But maybe it will work, dont know :slight_smile:

I actually agree with you @meretlp :slight_smile: it wouldn’t be easy to organzise such a thing. But I thought, we here to collect some ideas and opinions. So it’s just an idea :relaxed:
And i can imagine the Mike Shinoda Germany Fanclub is thinking about possible activity’s ? Maybe they also will come up with something.

Exactly, I didn´t mean to offend anyone :slight_smile:
Where can I find sth bout the Mike Shinoda Fanclub? ^^

I only know their Fanpage on Instagram so I can’t really tell you more about them, sry @meretlp
I am not even sure if they are a ‚real fanclub’ or just some fans collection information and sharing it with us :relaxed:
But I think these guys organized a lot of the things we did in Cologne :slight_smile:
Maybe some stick around here and can tell us more ?

Aaah, you mean mikeshinoda_de right?:yum:

Yes exactly, I just looked it up myself :relaxed: @meretlp

Hi there

I’m a member of mike shinoda germany :blush:
We’re figuring something out and for the concerts in march, so stay tuned. Also ‘mike shinoda germany’ got the ambassador status.

If you got any questions, feel free to ask :metal:t2:

@meretlp you can find us on
facebook: https://de-de.facebook.com/mikeshinodagermany/

instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mikeshinoda_de/

twitter: https://twitter.com/mikeshinoda_de?lang=de


Okeeeyy thanks! :slight_smile:

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@HakManLP thanks for the information :relaxed:

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@meretlp and @morlin_s you’re welcome :blush::yum:

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hi there, check out our social media sites for the incoming flashmobs and ideas for the concerts in germany :sunglasses::yum:

if you got some questions, feel free to ask :slight_smile: