Mike Shinoda side projects

Again? :smile:


Really -.- you made this post for this!!! Go to insert topic thread!!! Stop making poopie one hit wonders D;

(flips table on @framos1792)


Thanks for sharing @rickvanmeijel :+1:

@intheend as far as I know, we don’t have a Mike Shinoda side project topic. And we are advised to post only posttraumatic stuff in the Mike Shinoda category


@intheend This. That’s why I set up a thread, so all Shinoda related news about side projects can be posted here


@anna834 @rickvanmeijel there are two topics both started last year.

Thats great.
For someone like me who is obviously to daft to find them. Please, share a link.

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Use the search bar

Dear @intheend
as former teachers and bosses of mine already found out, I am not learning, if you constantly yell the same thing at me!

And today it doesn’t shut me up anymore, till I understand it!

So! Again:

Don’t make me out as a bully or a jerk. Cool that you see my frustration. I don’t see how you can’t understand to use the search bar. You literally just need to add in ‘mshinoda projects’ I’m not going back and forth with you.

This is a confusing situation. On one hand, it is a “Mike Shinoda” project so it probably fits in #ms, but Mike has been going by his actual name in features for years so I’m not sure if it should be in #ms or #side-and-solo-projects or not. I guess that’s not really the focus right now anyways.

Does this deserve to be its own topic, regardless of what category it goes in: Maybe? It’s definitely not Post Traumatic so it doesn’t belong in the mega-topic. There’s not that much worth mentioning right now for actual discussion, but a news-like topic has to start somewhere. As far as I know, there isn’t a topic directly dedicated to Mike news that isn’t Post Traumatic, so I’ll keep it open


Don’t you patronize me -.-

Well I’m glad that’s been settled. What a fun way to start a thread :joy:

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