Mike Shinoda Paris Ticket

Hey guys,
since my girlfriend broke up i have a ticket for Paris to sell
If you are interested please contact me


Omg thats so sad :frowning: I wish you the best Soldier! Would love to have a cologne ticket for a friend ( i already have a ticket myself). No matter what, i hope you get back up on your feet fast again <3

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Oh that sucks. Hope you are kind of okay atleast! :heart: Hope you find someone for the ticket! :blush:


thanks so by now i could give that ticket away

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Hi im ted


:joy: you’re rusty buddy, don’t say that to ME, I’m flattered you’re trying to get at me, but I was just being your wingman :joy: direct that reply elsewhere :sweat_smile:

well, like i said, my friend would be dying if i find one xD but its up to you what to do with it <3

That was meant to be a joke🙄

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would be fine for me

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OMG for real? How will this go then?

Oh i think i forgotten to press reply, anyways , i said "OMG for real? How will this go then?

LOL… yeah just send it again, pretty new to this forum stuff, sorry :slight_smile:

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everxthings fine…mhhh to be honest i dont know😅

Do you have discord, skype or steam maybe?

In case you do, steam is MsEshie, Skype is ms.eshie , KIK is MsEshie , and discord is MsEshie#3560 ( LOL basically all is MsEshie)

I even dont know what steam and discord is😂

And i dont have skype either😅

What kind of app you use or where we can discuss our details?

There must be something you use to talk to friends? LOL or able to install.

I feel very sorry for you @DavidZinssler

And I go probably with my first GF ever to cologne show, life is weird … I meet her at LP Memorial, she didnt know yet, but I have a good feeling :sweat_smile::blush::joy:


Hello! I really wish you to find happiness soon with a person who will correspond to you. I am very interested in the ticket to Paris. Is this a ticket for August 24, where Mike will perform at the Rock en Seine festival? Thank you for your information and good evening!

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