Mike Shinoda Paris Ticket

I know I’m totally third wheeling but this thread has been kind of fun to make awkward :joy:

:hushed: brooo… what do you mean she doesn’t know yet? :disappointed_relieved: no means no you know right? She has to agree, you can’t just kidnap her :joy::stuck_out_tongue: heheheee just teasing buddy, very happy to hear, congrats! :grin: life and particularly this part of life is indeed very weird…

Actually… I don’t know about Spider-Man here… :thinking:
I’m afraid to say something because a part of me thinks he’s [spoiler]Playing innocent :hushed:[/spoiler] in which case, :hushed::+1: :zipper_mouth_face:
But then another part of me makes me wanna go

I shall attempt to be a good boy and be quiet from here on out… :zipper_mouth_face::innocent:


And here I am… Still wondering how to get in Contact for the cologne ticket?

Maybe you two can share your mail addresses or numbers and talk easily like that… :thinking: Anyway… @DavidZinssler must be busy, so don’t worry, I’m sure he’ll reply to you soon! :blush: :muscle: :muscle: :sun_with_face:

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Yes I’m sorry, I’m here poking around but haven’t said anything useful, he pops in and out as he is available, don’t worry :grin:
@DavidZinssler you’re needed Spider-Man!

Hey guys i am sorry.
I havt whatsapp to communicate @MirandaKarreman

@soulet the ticket is still here

you are totally right, but i never said that i would be innocent.
There are always 2 parts in a relationship.

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@framos1792 im wondering why you are think8ng im playing innocent

Oké if you send me your number I’ll add you to my whatsapp

instagram: derzinssler

Oh my bad bro, I was only meaning that you were playing innocent about not having a way to communicate outside the forum :slightly_smiling_face:
Like that you were teasing the young lady here making it hard for her to reach you for the ticket :stuck_out_tongue:

I have no clue about your past situation to be talking about like that :slightly_smiling_face: I just came in here to lighten you up a bit :stuck_out_tongue: don’t take me serious :sweat_smile:

ahh ok im sorry didnt want to treat you bad or something.
I have instagram and whatsapp and twitter (but i dont use it)

thanks for cheering me up buddy…i meant barney🤣

@DavidZinssler My Instagram is lovebennoda so you can add and. Dm me there okay? Or give your whatsapp and I’ll add you there. And it’s oké, no worries I. Didn’t think of. That so really no worries! We are all family

I added you on Instagram now!

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Hello David!
I am very happy that the ticket is still in your possession. How do you want us to proceed? I send you a check with my address, and you send it to me by mail? because the concert is in just 19 days. Will you also go to this concert in Paris? Thank you very much for your help and have a great evening!