Mike Shinoda new Album - Dropped Frames, Vol 1

totally agree - Open Door is still the only thing what I interested in + booty down is really catchy, but too short

I don’t think it was intended to be that polished. Just something fun to make the songs he produced on stream over quarantine available.


Completely agreed, I listened once and that’s all… it’s awesome what he’s doing with the quarantine etc but I won’t listen to the songs more than I did :sweat_smile:

This is just Volume 1. He’s already working on Volume 3. I like it because there’s a little something for every occasion. You can listen while you work or work out, meditate or just relax. It’s motivational and calming.

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I’ve only given it a brief listen so far but considering how it was created and then mixed and mastered its pretty great!
Plus, instrumental music is always good for reading/writing so I’m glad to have something fresh to listen to.

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If you want to participate in the chats, you have to watch the live stream on Twitch. 10 a.m. Pacific or 1 p.m. Eastern time Mon. - Fri…

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Thank you for saying but I can’t… busy with work all day :cry:



It are good songs for when you clean the house or some. Nice background music. But I prefer more lyrics songs. Just wanna know how he is holding up.

Gave the second one a listen the other day, it’s bland nonsense. At least on the first one there were a couple of tracks that I went back to a couple of times.

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I really don’t like it, I wish I had something good to say about this ablum but I don’t


Honestly, at this point, he might as well stop making music. I’d rather he stops than continue to pump out boring filler.


You guys are missing the point of these albums, they were just made for fun, it’s him working on a track for 2 hours every day. Considering just that, I’d say it’s pretty amazing. You throw any genre and style to him and he does it, joke song or not, it’s pretty cool.

Instrumentals are not for everyone for sure, and I am not saying this is brilliant music but I gotta give him credit for creating them under the circumstances. They’re good tracks to read/write along to, definitely helped me.


I see it as @evooba- it’s not to consider serious a good song-each of them- more fillers or bridges- but it’s cookies for the Wombats! If you feel it- it’s a great way to be in contact on a very special way with your famous artist. And he really shows us his brilliance! Definitely an absolute outstanding creative head!

And if people like the music in a very unique way - each of them - or use it as cleaning soundtrack- it’s ok- let’s be tolerant.

But deep inside my heart :heart: I would wish the guys would meet up and surprise us! :heart_eyes::pray:t2::crossed_fingers:t2::crossed_fingers:t2:


nuff said - nailed it. Exactly this! :heart:

It isn’t also my music taste, but he keeps doing something during corona times and amazes us fans almost every day with cool jams and funny things. It’s just Mike being Mike.


Ur always good with your words but it’s always sad to see ppl not to use their brain…that’s what it’s there for, not to dormant. During the quarantine there was literally nothing to do and he helped and also he’s freaking insane and it was fun. Not to say it isn’t anymore but there are now annoying YouTube fans there, that are like these and doesn’t understand that Mshinoda doesn’t owe them a damn thing but they still think they are entitled to their opinion. Or like these, but never there thinking he is ‘selling out’ or whatever. He is making free music…people always find ways to complain. Let me see you do anything better.


I’ll put my two pence worth here too. I understand why Mike created the streams to help people during lockdown (and for this own sanity). I never really enjoyed the streams at the time (too many fanboys/girls) but see it did help during lockdown so was a good thing. But I can’t understand why now sell the albums as they’re not well refined or anywhere near his best or worst work. I’m not saying he’s not talented at mixing but I don’t value this anywhere near those artists who play instruments tirelessly and have mastered their skills to create music for us. That’s why I like rock music and not dance. Also, why not take the time to record some vocals to these instrumentals Mike as a nice surprise for fans and to show dedication to your art form? The main worry is this leads the way for the future. If you can sell offbeat random creations like this then why spend months creating, writing and editing albums to death. It’s a slippery slope. If you end up with endlessly mixed albums with very little vocals all created under 2 hours, then congratulations, you’re paving the way right now Linkin Park fans… Lastly, sales should support charity right now because they need it more than ever. This album was created during tragic times and any benefit should serve some purpose Mike! From, A Critical Friend :slight_smile:


Who said he is selling them? They are all out there available for free, he ain’t making profit out of them.

He’s explained numerous times why. The process of him writing lyrics takes hours and he believes it is something people don’t want to see; him sitting down looking at a piece of paper/screen for 6-7 hours straight. He also said it is complicated to stream in his live room due to technical difficulties, hence why he is having issues every time he tries to record live drums or piano.

I just wish people appreciated the effort he put in this and remind themselves that he doesn’t have to do this, but he does, for us and for him. It’s cathartic and fun and why the hell not do it? He knows the tracks aren’t perfect but still decided to give us something. People just need to chill and give him some space, I’ve read way too many complains about these releases, it’s become quite annoying. Just let the man do whatever he pleases, be grateful there’s even new music out there.

So be it. Who are we to judge what type of music people create? Don’t like it, don’t listen to it. It is that simple. Creativity should be encouraged.

I haven’t seen any of that, don’t really pay attention to the chat, I do like the sense of community he created though, like the old LPU days. Now the annoying people will always lurk unfortunately.


The circumstances of something’s creation does not mean it is automatically good. I also never complained about the price. I wouldn’t have paid even if he was charging for them.

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Are they free to download? Google is showing these at £5.99 for me. I’m obviously missing something here…

I’m glad he knows that then. To be honest I haven’t seen any complaints (not that I go searching for them) but mostly praise and gushing from fans. What got my goat was the selling of this in what I now believe is going to be 3 albums worth. If it’s for the fans I’d rather he put everything on one album because it seems expensive to buy something he knows isn’t perfect spaced out over 3. But apparently they’re free so someone needs me show me a link so I can go look :laughing:

And crap should be discouraged.

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