Mike Shinoda new Album - Dropped Frames, Vol 1

So the album will be released on 07/10/2020 and includes some new songs but even more from his twitch streams and corona jams :sunglasses: :grimacing: :partying_face: :metal:t2:


:partying_face: :star_struck:
:heart_eyes: :partying_face:


I haven’t got high hopes for this, so I’m setting my expectations quite low and not getting hyped.


Maybe it will not be a album you’ll like to listen often, but still… it’s a kind of change, especially because he’s creating music with the help of perfect strangers who probably don’t know much about music… he trusts his fans like we trust him and that’s a very nice feeling :blush: :heart_eyes: feeling a very nice connection even tought I could’t partecipate in any of his chats… :grimacing:


I can’t wait! I wish there was a physical copy though.


He’s not releasing physical copies?

Btw guys… since I’m usually busy and don’t want to miss news about it, please tag me if you have some :pray: :blush: thank you so much everyone! :blush: :heart:

He said he will if the demand is high.

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I like Open Door, but can’t see myself listening to the album often, as a lyricist, i thrive on songs with lyrics etc etc

I’d listen to the whole thing at least once

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I’m curious :partying_face: since I haven’t heard the new stuff until now… Would be happy to find lots of links here :sweat_smile:

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Yeah please :cry:

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U guys would know of these if u guys would be there. It’s literally free and fun.

@the_termin8r and the beats are actually good. Ur just a loser.

Mike uses a lot of technology actually technological songs aren’t my style but I listen to Mike

Good is an opinion, nothing more. I hope to be eating my words, but I’m doubtful.


I really like Open door, but the instrumental ones aren’t my taste yet :sweat_smile:

Didn’t like OD when it came out, don’t much like it now either, but the other two tracks are pretty solid.


Gave it a listen, not as bad as I thought it’d be, but nothing special either.

Just listen to Mike’s new ablum and I don’t really care for , it seemed a bit rushed to me , definitely something I won’t be listening to much just my opinion