Mike in Padova 15/3


Hi everyone, i’m new here and i’m happy to be part of this family. I just wanna know how many of you will participate at Mike’s show in Padova and when you will join the queue behind the gates. Thank you for your following answers and have a nice new year!

P.S. : sorry for my english, i’m trying to impove it every single day, but it’s not that easy kek


I’ll be there!!

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Me, but I think literally everyone, on a poll on Twitter there were more people going to Milan though

What’s queue? Did I lose something? :scream:


Translating in Italian, I meant “coda fuori dai cancelli” :joy::joy:


Ah :joy::joy::joy: I wil join queue when I’ll get to Padova first, I can’t pass all night out I’ll die :cold_face:


I really hope for a M&G :sweat_smile:


Me too, that will be a dream come true

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Hi there, ciao :slight_smile: I’ll be on a trip to Italy from Canada, and this show fell on the first day of my trip so I will be there! First time in Italy so I’ll be super nervous and lost, haha, but looking forward to seeing Mike and you all there!


Guys let’s win the M&G!!! We’ll tell to the others when someone will receive the mail ok?? Fingers crossed!!

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Sounds good to me, good luck to everyone!


Nice to welcome you to Italy :slight_smile: Hope you’ll like it!

A warning: in the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II in Milan you’ll find some restaurants, but don’t eat there if you want to save money :money_with_wings:

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Good luck with M&G :crossed_fingers:t2::crossed_fingers:t2::crossed_fingers:t2:

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Thank you, I’m excited! :slight_smile: I won’t be going to Milan on this trip, but I’ll take note for next time!

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Hi everyone, do you know when and if the m&g mails will be sent?


Sto aspettando anche io la mail, mi sono iscritto sia a Padova che a Milano sperando di vincere per una volta

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Io invece ho provato solo per Padova, giusto perché mi sembrava inutile intasare altri contest e togliere possibilità per quelli di Milano. Spero davvero bene, incrocio le dita per entrambi


Il contest si chiude oggi alle 17. Io penso che le mail non vengano spedite prima di giovedì…magari guardiamo i topic delle date già passate così ci facciamo un’idea su quanto prima fanno sapere qualcosa…ho un’ansiaaaa!

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Ok, ho letto che per la data di Londra di ieri (10 marzo) hanno ricevuto la mail 3 giorni fa (8 marzo). Quindi penso che non manderanno nulla fino a mercoledì, mi sa che rimarrò delusa , molto! :sweat_smile:

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Ho sbagliato! Il contest si chiude alle ore 1 am di domani martedì 12 marzo!


Ci sarò :slight_smile: e spero anche io nel m&g :blush: