Merry late Christmas :D what you get -.-

Yeah, it’s wireless

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As I’ve said before , we celebrate xmas on the 7th and give gifts on New Year:)
So… this year I’ve recieved a pair of AirPods (those are magical!), some sweets, a razor and a small purse(gonna use it to store my travel ticket). And a planner :slight_smile:

Is that sarcasm? Tbh, I don’t even know the public opinion as I don’t follow that sort of stuff.

Nope, I was really surprised by the way those work(and it’s kinda hard to surprise me). Even though I know how they work, I have a magical feeling , lol :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Let me know how the AirPods treat you, I’d love to get a pair.

I can’t stand stock buds that come with tech. Now apple force you to use a pair of unergonomic buds with some of the worst sound quality I’ve ever heard.

Most brands seem to operate on a 65:35 ratio of marketing to engineering / design. Apple are 85:15

Do apple phones even have proper EQs now or are they still running those crappy pre-sets?

I know this product is meant for people who aren’t really bothered about sound quality or just don’t want wires in their daily commute but it still annoys me a lot for some reason.

Either way, enjoy them Nick; that’s all that really matters since you’re actually the one using them :slight_smile:

mmm… i dunno what you’re talking about?))

sound and feels like typical EarPods but lighter, and they’re wireless , so that’s really cool, connect whey you open the case… and if you take one headphone out of your ear, the music stops(this can be turned on and off in Bluetooth settings) So i enjoy listening to music without those stupid wires)) The only thing that isn’t so cool is that you can’t control the volume with them

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I wouldn’t say that about EarPods. Of course, Sennheiser, Audio Techinca or Marshall sound much better, but if you need some daily headphones for the transport, apple can cover it, if you ask me

When you go into sound settings, then eventually dig your way to the equaliser, there isn’t one where you can make your custom settings but rather settings that apple have put in themselves that you select. E.g. Rock or hip hop or classical. All of which are terrible. I know it’s like that on my sister’s 5C. The presets on Samsung are just as bad but they give you a custom EQ.

I don’t like the default EQ of my phone as well so I use an app, but that has downsides too.

It’s not just apple, it’s any stock buds. They do it because it’s cheap. Apples are more annoying to me because the half arsed ergonomics means that all of your bass gets leaked out of the gaps around where it’s seated in your ear and only very little bass reaches your ears.

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Sounds good, volume thing isn’t an issue for me since I have it on full all the time :stuck_out_tongue:

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Well I got what I wanted. It doesn’t work as well as I liked on my phone however it does on my tablet when it’s not dying for stupid reasons… man I hate it. It’s a Wacom Slate. Pretty cool. You can write and or draw and it transfers it to vector or text.

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update that thing kinda sucks

Yay it’s here again ;D

-.- gimmie all your toys

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merry christmas so what did i get for christmas… i got a pajama set speaker phones and some money :smile: